an employer wellbeing consultation for business owners and entrepreneursEmployer Wellbeing – who is looking after you?


The need for workplace and employee wellbeing is well documented and well catered-for, but who is looking after the employer? Running a business is stressful, tiring, and requires a high level of focus, decision-making and energy. The decisions that you make can directly impact people’s lives and livelihoods and that responsibility can be heavy.


As an ex PR company owner, I know this first hand, and it’s one of the reasons I created my employer wellbeing package. This assesses your current mental wellbeing, with ideas for how to improve that as quickly and easily as possible. Signs that you’ll benefit from this are feeling stressed, physical issues like headaches, IBS or high-blood pressure that you think may be related to your work, feeling emotional, especially anger or irritability, difficulty making decisions, or just a loss of energy and motivation.


What’s in the employer wellbeing package?


As a Human Givens psychotherapist and business psychologist, I assess what’s going on for you right from through a Human Givens lens. The Human Givens all about getting your nine key emotional needs met. If one or more of these aren’t being met, in balance, then it’s possible that your mental health will suffer. Many employers find that their business answers many of their needs, but this creates an unbalanced life. The ideal is to get these needs met through a number of sources that help you feel energised, supported, connected and in control.


Our employer wellbeing consultation


We’ll begin with a two and a half hour consultation where I’ll take you through the nine needs, one by one. We’ll assess if and how each of these is being met in your life. If any are low, or there are gaps, we’ll have frank but practical conversations around what to do about it.  I’m very practical, and like my clients to have a step by step plan of what to do next. This is exactly what I create, sending it to you within days of our session. Within it, I take into account your own likes and dislikes, personality traits and the time available to you.


Follow up


We then have three follow up sessions where we set about getting this integrated into your life, and working around any issues that are preventing this from happening.


Why this works


Taking a step back and evaluating how your own needs are being met is a refreshing change from worrying about others. Usually, a number of small tweaks can help get you back on form again. Sometimes it can involve deeper work, or further-reaching changes. Occasionally, I work with business owners who find that they have come to the end of their time with their business, and we can have a frank conversation about their next steps – and how they can still get their needs met.


What you need to know


Consultations can take place over zoom, in London, or in Folkestone on the South Coast. Follow up sessions are conducted via Zoom. Fees for an employer wellbeing consultation are £950, with a 50% deposit payable in advance. To discuss availability or ask me any questions, email me here, or book in a video call here.