Therapy for business owners with Paula Gardner


wellbeing and therapy for business owners from Paula Gardner

Wellbeing and therapy for business owners


My name is Paula Gardner and I offer online therapy for business owners. 


Most business owners are busy, but if you are constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious then something is wrong. Perhaps you’re finding it hard to focus or make decisions? Or maybe, you’re falling back on unhealthy habits, feeling irritable with those around you, or just slowly losing your motivation for something you know you once loved. 



Online therapy for business owners


Are you, like so many other business owners, working from a place of anxiety? Money worries, chasing clients, dealing with staff and logistical issues: these raise our stress levels. Plus, we also have the same life issues as anyone else – grief, relationship problems, worries about children and so on.


Our work together will focus first on dealing with overwhelming feelings so that you can think straight. We’ll then look at very practical ways you can deal with what’s going on for you. 


Trauma and patterns affecting your business


Alternatively, it could be that past trauma or deep seated patterns are holding you back. They may be preventing you from creating the successful business you deserve. This can manifest as always planning, never doing. Or perhaps always being busy, but never seeing any traction. You might feel as if you are unable to stop – stop working, stop moving, stop thinking. This can go on until you’re ready to collapse from exhasution. Many entrepreneurs do just that.



We can get you to a place where you feel calmer and more in control, I promise. Sessions are £150 for 60 minutes, £200 for 90 minutes. Book a no-obligation chat with me here or contact me here 


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“Paula’s creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.