Get Noticed

Your Sustainable Visibility Blueprint


Imagine having a bespoke visibility plan that gets all your PR and marketing done. Smoothly, consistently, easily


Picture having a way of efficiently reaching your audience that doesn’t leave you scattered and exhausted….


 … a way of systematically raising your profile that suits your personality, strengths and skills. A process that works with your target audience.


Imagine a way of working that excites you instead of depleting you


I’m constantly hearing how tired people are. They’re jaded by competition for attention on social media, demoralised from writing content that fades into the ether, and confused about where to spend their precious time and energy. Frankly, they’re also often angry: resentful at having to create something sparkly, stunning, or even controversial just to get attention.  Could this be you too?


I completely relate. I’ve been there myself. Spells of energetic posting followed by periods of fatigue. It’s a pattern that’s so easy to fall into. However, it can all so easily lead to the unenviable cycle of business feast and famine. Even total burn-out. It happened to me.


When I realised I had been following someone else’s formula for success, the penny dropped. I needed to find my own blueprint.  My own visibility plan. And so should you.


We have to learn to ignore the endless ads promoting programmes that promise a ‘system for success’… and create our own instead. 





 Your Bespoke Sustainable Visibility Blueprint


Simply put, we co-create a reputation-raising strategy that is your best approach to PR and marketing. A visibility plan that leaves you feeling energised and authentic, and one which you can naturally build into your working day or week.


Our consult begins with three personality tests. These will give me a picture of what suits your personality and natural behaviours, as well as appetite for risk. We follow this with a zoom session to marry these up with your message and target audience. 


Prepare to be surprised. You may find that your wary approach to risk is holding you back in your business. Or that as an extrovert the best way for you to make decisions is to have someone to listen to your thought-processes. We will also uncover the key component to your marketing – whether that’s your purpose, message, cause or story. This is what will drive your visibility-raising activities forward in a way that feels authentic and congruent for you. 


I then write up a strategy for you including your suggested activities,. I will also include the reasons why they suit you and your business. This means you will know exactly what you will be doing, and why, 


You’ll end up with a short-list of activities that leave you focused and motivated, with energy left for running your business. Marketing becomes enjoyable again!


The price for Get Noticed – Your Sustainable Visibility Blueprint is £995


You can book your session and tests here and pay only a small deposit upfront.


Once again, you‘ll be getting

  • An insight into the results of three well-respected psychometric tests
  • Two and a half hours of my undivided expert attention, with all the wisdom of my 25 plus years in PR and marketing. This is combined with my business psychology and coaching expertise to convert strategy into action
  • A bespoke visibility plan for you to implement straight away
  • Suggestions of websites, podcasts, journalists and publications that are ideal for raising your profile


Book yours here – pay only your deposit today.


Who am I?


Paula Gardner creates your bespoke visibility planI started my own PR consultancy in the 90s and have been in PR and marketing for over 25 years. Four years ago I retrained as a business psychologist. I now combine the two fields to help business owners do business in the best way for them. I help them avoid boredom, inauthenticity and burn-out. I’m also the author of Get Noticed, Do Your Own PR and The Career Pause and Pivot.


Additionally, I advise coaches and psychologists on their own PR and marketing. I’m the founder of The Redundancy Recovery Hub, an outplacement resource for employers. I was also was named in a list of 100 inspiring women by


What’s it like to work with me?


“We absolutely love Paula’s suggestions. Sometimes it’s hard to look at your own business from an outsider’s point of view as you’re too involved. She’s bang up to date with what is big right now, and also there’s a sense of fun about it. We’re impressed.”


Louise Dickins – Dickins


“It is not possible to include all the help Paula has given us without writing a mini novel but we are already very pleased with the results.”


Nicola J Gillespie – Saxen


I found the preparation work beforehand incredibly useful in helping plot out a way forward. The session itself was thought provoking with some inspired thinking; I felt like I came away with a toolkit. The follow up strategy and supporting guidance were absolutely essential to helping me drive this forward when I could have easily forgotten all the gems that came out of our discussion. I look forward to a more proactive relationship with clients and prospective clients as a result of the work we have done together. Thank you.


Tracy Butterworth –


Want to speak to me before committing?


Contact me to arrange an initial chat or meeting here or just go ahead and book here

“Paula’s creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.

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