Paula Gardner, Therapist, Visibility Coach and Business Psychologist


psychotherapist and visibility coach Paula Gardner offer therapy for business owners

Therapy for business owners


Welcome to Scarlet Thinking. My name is Paula Gardner and I am a therapist, visibility coach and business psychologist, who works with business owners who are struggling. I work with entrepreneurs UK-wide, as well as globally. 


Most business owners feel overwhelmed at times. Sometimes, this can be the pressure of life. We have to deal with issues such as grief, anxiety, depression, addiction, issues around children or elderly parents, and still carry on running our businesses to bring the money in. If we don’t, it all falls apart. 


Alternatively, it could be that past trauma or deep seated patterns are holding you back. They may be preventing you from creating the successful business you deserve. This can manifest as always planning, never doing. Or perhaps always being busy, but never seeing any traction. You might feel as if you are unable to stop – stop working, stop moving, stop thinking. This can go on until you’re ready to collapse from exhasution. Many entrepreneurs do just that.

Another common issues is anxiety around being more visible. Yet you know that without that profile, you will never make it to the next level. Likewise, you may have been putting every ounce of energy into being more visible, with little to show for it. The result is that’s getting you down, or evn poushing you into visibility burnout.


Working with a therapist for business owners


I have two main avenues that can help. 


Therapy for business owners


Therapy for business owners is perfect for those business owners who feel that they are not achieving what they would like in their business. I use therapeutic tools to deal with blocks, trauma or patterns, and then move onto a big picture look at your business goals and how they can be achieved.


This is also useful if you are finding it hard to cope with life at the moment, and that’s impacting on your business.  As a Human Givens psychotherapist, I work with solution-focused tools and techniques that help you feel better as soon as possible. Read more here


Visibility Coaching


This is informed by a mixture of my past background as a PR and marketing company owner, as well as my business psychology expertise.  Visibility coaching is ideal for you if you would like a strategy to build your visibility that is based around your own skills, personality, likes and dislikes. This is for you if you’re ready and willing to take action. If something is holding you back from being more “out there,” then therapy would be best for you.


This option is also ideal for those who have been pushing and pushing, doing all the work – instagram reels, Linkedin posts, blogging etc., but feeling demoralised and confused. When is it all going to pay off?


See more here. 


If you’d like to discuss the best option for you, book a chat with me here or contact us here

“Paula’s creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.