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Visibility training and coaching from a business psychologist


Clients who come to me often say one of these two things:


I know what I need to do to raise my profile, but something stops me doing it




I know I need to become more visible but I just don’t know where to start


Sometimes they even say both!


There are many reasons for wanting to be more visible, and yours might be one of these:


  • It’s time for a new job, or promotion
  • You want to promote your business and understand that promoting you is part of this
  • It has been suggested that you raise your profile
  • You want to change careers, or go back to work after a maternity break, or caring for someone
  • You’re fed up watching everyone else get noticed!


My name is Paula Gardner and I am a business psychologist, coach, and Human Givens psychotherapist (trainee). Ex-owner of my own PR and marketing company, I will share the nitty gritty of how to raise your profile. Additionally, as a business psychologist and therapist, I can help with getting your head in the right place to do this. For instance, any annoying blocks holding you back, can be dealt with. 


My visibility coaching is not…


  • A glitzy programme where you high vibe yourself into a higher profile
  • All about me. I am here for you and my focus is on you. 
  • An easy ride. There will be work to do!


But it is:


  • Designed around your unique personality and circumstances
  • Jam packed with tools and techniques you can keep using, for the rest of your life
  • Incredibly supportive, no matter what your hang-ups about being more visible might be 
  • Fun


I have three options for anyone who wants coaching who wants to get noticed:


Firstly, my VIP one-day Get Noticed session, which you can take in London, Folkestone, or online


Secondly, The Ambassador Programme – suitable for employees who want to be in the best position for a new job, promotion or just raise their profile within their organisation or industry (this includes those who are changing careers)


And lastly, The Big Brand Builder – for business owners who know they need to be the face of their business. 


Training people in the workplace

I offer visibility training and workshops for workplaces. Additionally, I also work with colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers. 


Book a chat to discuss your needs here or contact us here

“Paula’s creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.

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