Burn Bright, Not Out

Coaching and therapy or business owners who can't switch off, from Paula Gardner

Coaching and Therapy for Business Owners Who Can’t Switch off


Are you a business owner who feels like they can’t switch off? Perhaps its your thoughts that won’t stop churning, like a washing machine stuck on spin cycle. Or maybe it’s you that’s always on the go, unable to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour, your free time, your family and friends.


Being passionate and driven means that you’ve built a successful business. However, passion and drive have their dark side. Too much and you can start to feel: 


  • Irritable or even angry with others for little reason

  • Exhausted as you wake up in the early hours, unable to get back to sleep

  • Emotionally overwhelmed or, the opposite, numb

  • Unable to concentrate, or make decisions

  • Feeling afraid, as if something bad might happen, even when things are good.


All of these may also be signs that you’re on your way to that dreaded cliche, burnout. At that point, both you and your business can really suffer.


Why consider coaching or therapy for business owners?


I’ve worked with so many business owners who have felt like this. They have all seen results within weeks, if not days. I offer:


  • Therapy to help calm and regulate and get you to a place where you can think clearly and deal with the things you need to do

  • Coaching to help you tweak your business and life to support, not drain you

  • One to one gentle retreats to help you evaluate and reset your life and work habits


Enjoy your business and you life

I am a business psychologist, coach and therapist and our work together is informed by my 30 plus years in business. You don’t need to keep struggling.  Book a chat with me here at a time that suits you.


Therapy and coaching sessions are £150 each, with long term commitments. Sessions are held via Zoom.

“Paula’s creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.