Online Therapy For Entrepreneurs


Therapy for entrepreneursIf you are an entrepreneur, agency or business owner who is struggling right now, my online therapy for entrepreneurs can help you get back on top of things. 


My clients value the input of a therapist who has not only previously run their own PR business, but one who is also a business psychologist. This means I can look at the business from an organisational point of view, as well as bring my lived experience of running a business to our sessions.   


Issues I have helped entrepreneurs with include:


  • Personal issues impacting your business, such as grief, worry, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, relationship issues

  • Control issues

  • Behaviours like perfectionism, procrastination or people-pleasing

  • Relationship patterns that are impacting your work with colleagues, employees and clients

  • A fear around visibility that keeps you or your business smaller than it should be

  • Decision making, focus and risk

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Avoidance of conflict, even when necessary

  • Exhaustion from being the one that looks after everyone else

  • Unwanted negative thoughts


How online therapy for entrepreneurs works


Our foundation is the Human Givens framework of needs. This is built around the idea that everyone has nine emotional needs that need to be met (in the right balance). Keeping this in mind ensures we have a strong and stable base from which to work. 

My approach is solution focused, which means we are focused on tangible results. This could be around your mood, your ability to make decisions or certain aspects of your business, for instance. We have a goal and our therapy works towards that goal. There is often some type of homework or experiment agreed on between sessions. 


If there is a trauma, I use an excellent tool called Rewind, which has successfully been used with veterans by PTSD Resolution. Even hearing someone’s critical voice in our ear over and over again can be treated with this technique.


Want to try online therapy for entrepreneurs?


Sessions are generally online over Zoom or WhatsApp video call.  Sessions are £150 per full hour. There is no need to sign up for programmes or a set number of sessions. Contact me here, or you can book a no-obligation chat with me to discuss here.

I do offer concessions to a small number of entrepreneurs, so please do still get in touch and we can discuss.


Alternatively, you can just get going and book in a session now here.