Therapy For Entrepreneurs


therapy for entrepreneurs with Paula GardnerIf you are an entrepreneur struggling with your business right now, you’ve come to the right place.


Like many others, you may have found that focusing on goals and mindset alone doesn’t work for you. There may well be unresolved trauma, a history of certain patterns or relationships, or a fear or taking risks, for instance, holding you back. Our work together will uncover those blocks and help dissolve them, leaving you free to build your business, be more visible, and become more profitable!


As a therapist, business psychologist and coach, I can use tools that can help us get well beneath the surface. Signs that a deeper issue may be keeping you stuck are:


  • Perfectionism that stops you progressing
  • A fear or nervousness around visibility that keeps you small
  • Procrastination, even though you know you really want this
  • People pleasing that is impacting your business
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Finding it hard to deal with some relationships
  • Blocks when it comes to certain things, like numbers or pitching
  • A fear of taking risks that is preventing the business from growing
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Avoidance of conflict, even when it’s necessary
  • Unwanted negative thoughts


How therapy for entrepreneurs works


We will always be working towards your goals, and everything we do is about these and your own well-being. Our foundation is the Human Givens framework of needs, where everyone has nine emotional needs that need to be met (in the right balance). Keeping this in mind ensures we have a strong and stable base from which to work. We won’t be delving deep into your path to unearth things that aren’t relevant, and this type of solution-focused therapy is often fast working – within a few sessions!


Our work together may involve:

  • Learning about tools that can help you
  • Narrative and metaphor – powerful vehicles for change
  • Psychoeductaion to help you understand why you do the things you do
  • Learning to create or break habits and patterns
  • Powerful guided imagery to rehearse successful outcomes and new behaviours (sports psychologists have been using this for years)


If there is a trauma to deal with, I use an excellent tool called Rewind, which has successfully been used with veterans by PTSD Resolution. Trauma does not have to mean the big traumas like car crashes and wars by the way. Even hearing someone’s critical voice in our ear over and over again can be treated with this technique.



Want to embark on therapy for entrepreneurs?


Sessions are generally online over Zoom. However, I am very happy to see you in my consulting rooms in Hythe, Kent too. Sessions are £150 per hour. You can book a no-obligation session with me to discuss here.