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exeutive coachingAs a business psychologist, coach and psychotherapist (trainee), I have helped my executive coaching clients cope with a multitude of workplace and leadership issues. My therapeutic background means that my approach isn’t all goal setting and targets. Sometimes, very real and very personal problems can underlie what’s going on at work and it’s important these are addressed. These could be trauma, mental health or just related to other issues in their lives, such as a relationship breakdown. Everything is interconnected.


Warm, collaborative coaching together with psychometrics, business psychology exercises and insight, with a touch of therapeutic intervention if necessary can make for productive changes.


Executive coaching works best when…


There is a good connection between coachee and coach, which is why I always prefer to offer an initial discussion to assess if we are the right people to work together. When this is right, we can achieve amazing results.


I work with clients that range from CEOs to managers, and even those in their early career who need some extra help to settle in and understand work culture.


Issues I have worked with include:


  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Burnout
  • Confidence
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Making decisions
  • Finding a system of organisation that suits you
  • Dealing with workplace relationships
  • Moving into a new role
  • First time managing
  • Leadership – developing skills and finding your own leadership style
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing change
  • Bereavement
  • Redundancy
  • Personal issues affecting work performance
  • Becoming more visible within an organisation or industry
  • Addiction and alcoholism


Many of my clients are referred by their workplace, who see coaching as an investment in their employee’s performance, engagement and quality of worklife. Clients I have worked with include BA, Pensar IT, EPA (European photo agency) and Mullins and Peake law Firm.


To book a call to discuss executive coaching for someone in your organisation, click here.



Paula ran a DISC workshop for myself and my team at the UK EPA offices where she explained the DISC classifications very clearly and got everyone interested and involved in their own and their colleague’s DISC types with a view to enhancing communication. She facilitated a lively discussion using political figures to appeal to our team of political news photographers. 


Paula has also provided leadership coaching which has been excellent. She has enabled me to develop my team leadership skills to face the challenges and complexities of working in the fast media environment. Our work has given me the skills on how to approach problems from a positive and different perspective. 


Facundo Arrizabalaga  (European Photo Agency)


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