Career Questions To Ask Yourself Every 90 Days

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Career Questions To Ask Yourself Every 90 Days

Career Questions you should be asking yourself every 90 Days


I am a big believer in regularly assessing where you are going with your career or business. But sometimes it is difficult to ask yourself the right questions. Equally, if you ask yourself different questions each time, you don’t really get a clear view on how you are making progress, whether that’s from a profile raising point of view, or just in general with your business or career goals.

So,  I advise sitting down and asking yourself these questions about your business every 90 days. You might find some of them slightly different from the usual ones. You can do this with an accountability partner, friends, or it works equally well on your own.

I have a little routine for this. I make space for at least a couple of hours in my schedule, and go to one of my favourite coffee shops. To be honest, it sometimes takes a little while to get into the mood, but once I start it is incredibly useful. I keep one notebook for all of these sessions, so that I can look back over to see how I am progressing.

Career Ponderings


  • What are my long term business or career goals
  • How have I made progress on them?
  • What were my 90 day goals (obviously you won’t have these the first time you do this exercise)
  • If there is one thing I am not doing in my business or career that I know will make a difference, what is it?
  • What one thing am I wasting time on at the moment?
  • What one person do I need to know at the moment?
  • What one person do I need to reconnect with at this moment?
  • If I was to bring one person aboard/into my business/career plan, who would it be?
  • If there is one thing I am deliberately not thinking about, what would it be?
  • What do I need to do to support myself physically and mentally in reaching my goals?
  • What thoughts are unhelpful or outdated for my next level of working?
  • How can I celebrate my progress in the next day or so?
  • What are my next 90 day goals?

If you’d like to go through these questions with myself, or work together on reaching some exciting goals in your business or career, book a free chat with me here.  I work with clients online, or face to face in Kent.

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