Business Coaching



business coaching for female business ownersMy business coaching brings together my own experience of running a business, my expert skills and knowledge of PR and marketing, the organisational clarity of Business Psychology and the insight of transformational business coaching.


I have studied business coaching to Masters level and can look at what’s going on from an organisational angle as well as your own. My research into nurturing leaders also supports this.


My work across many industries and the globe means that I can often add new dimensions and ideas. We will work well together if you’re committed to making this happen, and seriously want to step up into the next phase of your life as well as your business.



You’re ready to work with Scarlet Thinking if any of the below apply to you…


  • You want to raise your visibility
  • You have tangible business goals but need support and insight to keep you on track
  • Accountability helps you get stuff done
  • You want your life to feel like a slow blues tune or mellow jazz melody, and to appreciate every rich minute of it, whilst uplevelling in business
  • You’re fed up with being in a business pattern you can’t seem to break
  • You have a dream and have probably had it for a while…but as yet done nothing about it
  • You choose growth over stagnation
  • You’ve been knocked for six by something and feel the need to reassess
  • You haven’t had someone listen to you and your ideas – really listen – for a long time.


Business Coaching


Coaching can be intense, profound, confusing, challenging, fun, irritating (especially just before a break through), inspiring and downright dangerous. Let me repeat that. Downright dangerous. You never know what is going to change as a result of the work we do together. If you’ve suddenly got goosebumps then it’s definitely time to take a seat.