Visibility Coaching: Build a Profile To Boost Your Career


visibility coachingVisibility brings credibility. This is one key element that can help you get that promotion or new job role. Or, alternatively, just raise your reputation and profile within your own organisation as an investment for the future.


But deliberately raising your profile can be daunting for some as it can feel like bragging or showing off. Then there is the practical side. How can you build an expert reputation on top of doing all your usual workload?


If you know that raising your visibility is key to reaching your goals, I would like to invite you to join me for some visibility coaching.


On this Visibility Coaching Programme we:


  1. Work through any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from raising your profile
  2. Create a strategy for raising your profile based around your personality – doing what you love most so it gets done
  3. Create the confidence and support to fully implement it
  4. Simply become more Visible!


I have used a combination of career psychology and my 20 years experience in PR and marketing to create this journey. On it, we will find out what may be holding you back, and what you can do about it. We will co-create a strategy to increase your visibility that, and this is the most important bit, suits your own unique personality and skills.


We will do all this with our eye firmly on the end goal. This could be to get a promotion, land a new job role, be seen as an expert in your field, or put yourself in the best possible space for a place on the board.


Sessions are held through Zoom or telephone, and we also have regular check ins for accountability.


This visibility coaching programme is for you if you :


  • Have big goals such as a new job or promotion, and need to significantly raise your profile to reach them
  • Know you need to do more networking, public speaking or writing to elevate your profile but somehow this keeps falling down your to do list
  • Are an expert in your field, but find it frustrating how people often turn to someone with a higher profile, but less expertise
  • Have realised that you are holding yourself back by not being your own brand ambassador
  • Want to start or build a business


Here’s what one participant had to say about it working with me:

“Paula was immaculately prepared with timetables and work sections for us to get through which really helped the organisation of my thoughts. Every topic was valid and moved me to the next level…Paula’s gentle approach meant that I didn’t have to have a big breakthrough. The journey took me on such a smooth and consistent pathway and along the way I kept having little glimpses of genius…


I have walked away with my life truly changed. I didn’t have to run around looking for anything. Paula showed me that it was already there inside me – it just needed a place to be visible and a platform to speak from. I will never be the same again. I know people have noticed a change – lots of people keep saying to me “you are really grounded Nadine” and I smile knowing that I found a reason that was worth me being visible for. Not only to the world – also to myself.
If you are looking to make powerful change while being made visible at a gentle pace that suits you. I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”
Nadine Benjamin
“Winner of the Fulham Opera Verdi Prize 2015”

What we will cover together:


We will be getting clear about where you want to go and what’s been holding you back. This includes personality assessments so that you can identify strengths and weaknesses. We will look at the ways of working that will be most efficient for you and get an idea of your resilience to check if we need to work on boosting that.


We will be doing in-depth work on limiting beliefs. You will identify and escape patterns that may be holding you back.


Our work also includes identifying your comfort zone and creating a strategy to get you out of it. For some this may be a fast jail beak. For others it’s a step by step process of gaining confidence.


This will also involve a frank look at the habits that may be contributing to holding us back, and how we can replace them with something more helpful.


Building Your Profile


Crucially, we will be identifying the exact profile and reputation you want to show the world . Together, we will craft your own Visibility Building plan that you will take away and implement.
This may include activities such as blogging, contributing to academic journals or consumer or industry publications, speaking, networking, charity work or becoming a guest on podcast, as well as social media.


Part of this journey includes discovering your own Reputation Archetype and how to use it. You will have my full support around your profile raising including access to my address book of contacts, and I will also hand-hold you through the practical tasks.


 Be prepared for:


  • Deep conversations
  • Seeing yourself in a new light
  • Someone to challenge you (if that’s what you want)
  • My full support
  • Being held accountable
  • Becoming more Visible!


Get Started

You can book a chat or email me here to discuss working together.



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