Visibility Coaching


visibility coaching

Visibility brings credibility. It can help you build your business, bringing you clients and new opportunities.


But, how do you feel about it? Perhaps it feels like bragging or showing off. Or, maybe you can’t see how you are going to keep it up in amongst all your other tasks and actions.  It may be that you’re ready to be more visible, but are just not quite sure what to do, and so do nothing.


If you know that raising your visibility is key to reaching your business goals, you’ve come to the right place.


What is visibility coaching?


visibility coaching from Paula GardnerI use a combination of business psychology, therapy, and my 20 years in PR and marketing to get you more visible. It’s a journey with three distinct parts.


First, we find out what may be holding you back, and what you can do about it. Next, we co-create a strategy to raise your profile. The important part is that we use a blend of psychological profiling to make sure you’re going to enjoy these activities, and keep them up.


Finally, I support you as you build that reputation.


Pay as you go profile raising


You can opt for pay as you go, session by session – ideal if you just want to try out working with me, or thinking that all you need is a few tweaks or a fresh eye. Book your session in now here.


The visibility coaching programme 


This is ideal for:


  • Anyone who feels a lack of visibility is holding them back

  • Business owners who want to build a business

  • Everyone fed up with being in the shadows

  • Experts in their field, but frustrated that no one else knows this

  • Those already in the spotlight who would like to manage their profile

  • Entrepreneurs whose next phase involves being the face of their business


Step One


Personality tests and questions about your business, for me to build up an objective picture of who you are and where you want to be- this is fun, I promise. We use my Scarlet Thinking Reputation Archetype framework to identify what activities are going to suit you, your personality, market, strengths, and the time you have available.



Step Two


A half day with me (online or in Folkestone, UK) to create your strategy. (I offer Saturday sessions, as well as weekday).


Step Three


I put together your sustainable visibility plan that contains:


  • The activities I believe will have the most impact

  • Profile raising steps that will reach your audience

  • Activities that play to your strengths and that you enjoy

  • A timetable of when to do these

  • Additional contacts and ideas that I think may be useful



Step Four


Three 50 minute coaching sessions to help you put your plan into practice.


Be prepared for:



  • Deep conversations
  • Seeing yourself in a new light
  • Someone to challenge you (if that’s what you want)
  • My full support
  • Connection and contacts from my own little black book
  • Being held accountable
  • Becoming more Visible!


Get Started


Your investment in the visibility coaching programme is £1500.


You can get going and have a single coaching session with me here for £150, or have a briefer no-cost 20 minute chat about the coaching package by booking here.