Building Your Self-Esteem For Business

self-esteem for business

Building Your Self-Esteem For Business

How can therapy build your self-esteem for business

Running and growing a business can bring up lots of issues around comparison and self-doubt. Add in social media and that can explode. Why, when they started that business after me, do they seem so much more successful?

I hate to use the well-trodden phrase “safe space”, but therapy can help you to uncover and challenge the negative beliefs that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. The ideal therapist should create a place where you feel free to reveal your fears and thoughts, without judgement.

Building self-esteem for business

There’s no one way of working with clients, but I often find that work together starts with looking at what symptoms are going on for you. Are you feeling anxious, or stressed in a particular part of the body? Are you doing something that isn’t helpful, or not doing something you’d like to do?

Unearthing when something started can also be helpful, as well as diving into what’s fuelling a particular belief or behaviour. If there is a need there, how can that be met in a different, more positive way?

Changing habits and behaviour

Therapy can also support you through behavioural changes, helping you build in new habits and patterns that support your mental health and your capacity for business. These could be bog, such as learning to control people pleasing or being able to ask for more money with confidence. Alternatively, they could sound small, like building in rest periods between clients or learning how to structure your day to support an ADHD brain, but make a big impact.

A boost in confidence and self-esteem can have a profound impact on your business. It enables you to take risks, make bold decisions, and step into leadership roles with conviction. When you believe in yourself, others believe in you too.

Choosing a therapist

If you’re wondering whether therapy is right for you, remember that seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness. Just as you invest in your business and professional development, investing in your mental health and well-being is crucial for long-term success.

It’s also helpful to choose a therapist who understands business. As a past owner of a PR and marketing company, and a business psychologist, my background is business. I understand the particular stresses that business can bring – difficult colleagues, deadlines, scope creep, and on and on. I work with clients individually, and also offer monthly group emotional needs check-ins for business owners, which can be a simple place to start. You can book in a chat with me here to talk about what might suit you best.

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