Why Visibility Is Important To A Business

visibility important to a business

Why Visibility Is Important To A Business

A look at why visibility is important to a business


Visibility is a critical aspect of business success, and it will hold you back if you don’t have it. Successful companies invest in PR and marketing even when times are tough. They know that without them, business will dwindle. I’ve been through this myself, pausing marketing when I’ve been studying. The results were tangible – less enquiries, less business, less profit. It’s a mistake I won’t make again.

By visibility I mean the degree to which a company or its products and services are seen, recognized, and known by its target audience, stakeholders, and the broader market. If you’re the face of your business, then it can also mean your visibility, whether you’ve sought that, or not.  This can be paid, through advertising, leaflet drops etc. It could also be organic, through social media, articles in publications, networking or viral posts. Although, posts can go viral for the wrong reasons, and that’s the sort of visibility we don’t want.

Visibility isn’t all about profits. It can impact your business and your employees in other ways too, including well-being. Here are some ways that this works, looking through a Human Givens lens, the framework that I use to help businesses.

Increased Brand Awareness

Greater visibility means more people are aware of your brand and what it offers. This can lead to increased trust and recognition in the marketplace, which can positively affect a company’s reputation and customer loyalty. In short, people will feel proud to work for you. In Human Givens terms, that helps give a sense of status, one of key emotional needs.

Attracting Customers

When a business is visible, it is more likely to attract new customers or clients. This can result in increased revenue and growth opportunities, which can contribute to the financial well-being of the business. You can pay your employees more, investing in training and looking after their well-being. When a business is seen as secure and profitable, it improves its people’s sense of security, another important emotional need.

Access to Opportunities

Visibility can open doors to various opportunities, such as partnerships, collaborations, and investment. It allows a business to be on the radar of potential investors, partners, and industry leaders. This can make work more exciting and fulfilling for your team, and build a sense of meaning and purpose.

Competitive Advantage

Being visible in the market can give a business a competitive edge. It can help differentiate the company from its competitors and position it as a leader or innovator in its industry.  not only creating a sense of status, but also achievement.

Networking and Industry Influence

Greater visibility can facilitate networking opportunities and enhance a company’s influence within its industry. This can lead to valuable connections, knowledge sharing, and a sense of belonging to a larger professional community. Community is a key need too, so this ticks that one.

Access to Talent

Companies with high visibility are more likely to attract top talent. Talented individuals may be drawn to companies they admire or perceive as leaders in their field, leading to a more skilled and motivated workforce. In turn, this builds a sense of community, connection, achievement and status.

Positive Impact on Leadership

Leaders of highly visible businesses may experience personal benefits, such as increased recognition, influence, and career opportunities, which can positively affect their well-being. Indeed, if they enjoy being visible themselves, a highly recognised company will also feed into that, nurturing a sense of status.

Community Engagement

We come back to connect, community and meaning and purpose. Visible businesses often engage with their communities through philanthropy, corporate social responsibility initiatives, and volunteer programs. These efforts can enhance the company’s reputation and contribute to a positive corporate culture, not to mention satisfaction, improved relationships and even more opportunities.

It’s important to note that while visibility can have numerous benefits, it also comes with responsibilities and potential challenges. Businesses must maintain a positive public image, deliver on promises, and act ethically to sustain their visibility and reputation. This is not always easy.

How can we help?

If you’d like a visibility plan for your company, then my visibility coaching will help create a strategy that uses the talents, strengths and personality traits of those delivering the plan. If you’d like to delve into what tweaks you can adopt to improve your people’s well-being, and this may include more visibility, then my Human Givens Consultation is ideal. You can book a chat with me to run through these, or see what I can offer to address your particular needs. You can email me here,  or book that chat here,


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