How Therapy Can Help You Run Your Business

how therapy can help you run a business

How Therapy Can Help You Run Your Business

Thoughts on how therapy can help you run your business


With all the business coaches out there, it perhaps seems strange for me to say that therapy can help you run a business. Not only that, it can help you start and grow a business too. So many of the business owners  I have worked with tell me our counselling work together not only helps their mental health, but has positive impacts on their business too. Here’s how…


It can clear your head


When we are stressed, our brains and bodies are flooded with adrenaline and cortisol. This blocks access to the thinking part of the brain, something we definitely need running a business! When levels are high we can feel the impact: brain fog, a lack of focus and an inability to make decisions. Therapy can bring these levels down, and teach you how to keep them down. This frees up valuable thinking space for you to concentrate.


It can address patterns that are holding you back


Just like the cliche of the woman who always chooses men that are bad for her, as business owners we all have our own patterns. These might show up as a fear of taking risks, or always getting distracted and not carrying through with projects. Behaviours like this often stem from something earlier in our lives. We don’t always have to dissect these, however. One of the ways in which I help business owners is through behavioural change. We work on becoming comfortable with new actions and activities so that they become the norm.


It can make you braver


Knowing that you have someone watching your back and helping you deal with the stresses and consequences of what comes up can make you brave. It may feel easier to take a risk if you know you have support in place. What’s more, as you grow and stretch personally, it will have an impact professionally.


It can help restore life work balance


This is something that many entrepreneurs don’t have, especially if they are in the early stages of their business. While it might seem sensible to put everything into your business while it grows, this is not sustainable. It also sets up bad habits, can ruin relationships and depletes your energy levels. Part of therapy is looking at all your life, helping you get your needs met in every area, so that you have more to give to your business. This might even mean stepping away from the business from time to time!


It can help with relationships


If we have staff or colleagues then we are in relationships, and sometimes they can get difficult. Therapy can help you think through knotty problems with staff, suppliers or clients. It can also help you change patterns, or learn how to deal with difficult people.


It can make you wealthier


Money or wealth therapy sometimes comes into our work. There are many of us who have issues with money. Perhaps there’s something in us that doesn’t think we are worth over a certain value. Or, we have a pattern of spending our money as if we can’t wait to get rid of it. Maybe we hoard and don’t invest or take risks because we have a strong sense of scarcity. Or fear. Our attitudes to money, value and wealth can all help us grow a business. Or hold it back.


Chat with me about how therapy can you run your business


I am a psychotherapist for business owners, employers and entrepreneurs. Your issue could be a life issue that is impacting on your ability to focus in your business. Or, it may be a pattern or behaviour that is holding your business back. Sessions are one hour and I see clients from all over the world. Book in call here or email me here if you’d like to discuss whether therapy can help you run your business.

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