How To Switch Off From Social Media

How to switch off from social media

How To Switch Off From Social Media

How To Switch Off From Social Media, for Business Owners


Many business owners, especially those that do their own marketing, find it hard to switch off from social media.  Even if we are not posting, we may be watching the news, keeping an eye on comments, statistics or competitors. While others may be able to take up the established mental health advice to switch off, it becomes harder if staying abreast of what’s going on is part of our job – and for many of us that involves after hours too.

However, it’s not great for us. That connection with our phone can supplant connection with our loved ones. Screen time can wreak havoc on our sleep, and it’s all too easy to get sucked into camparing ourselves with others as we read about another business owner crowing over their successes.

Nevertheless, it does do any harm to take a moment to think about how you interact with social media. How can you switch off from it?

Setting boundaries

By setting boundaries, we can transform the way we use these platforms, allowing them to serve us rather than consume us.

1. First and foremost, designate specific times for checking social media

Instead of constantly dipping in and out of your accounts, allocate fixed periods during the day. This allows you to remain intentional and focused on other tasks, reducing that overwhelmed feeling. Make sure you keep to this for work and personal, as if you go on for one, you’re more likely to get seduced into just checking the others.

It will take some self-discipline to embed this at first, but after a while it will become a habit and free up that social media free space in both your brain and the working day.

2. Turn off non-essential notifications

I no longer have any notifications on my phone. They are just too distracting. Even if you are able to ignore them going off and carry on with your working day, there will be a part of your brain that is distracted by them. This means that they can easily disrupt your concentration and focus. When you’ve finished work, it can also make it challenging to switch off from work.

Decide when you engage, not the other way around.

3. Social media free zones

Creating social media-free zones within your home or workspace is another powerful strategy. I’ve long had a zero phones rule at the dining room table, but it can also work well for meetings too, as well as times when you need that deep focus.

Have you ever noticed that when one person gets their phone out, others follow suit? Physical boundaries can aid us in mentally clocking out from the digital world, encouraging presence in our immediate surroundings. This could be a phone free space where people go to do deep work, or designated meetings when phones are left outside the door.

4. Digital detoxes off the job

Small but regular digital detoxes can give our brains that space to process. Commit to disconnecting for a few hours, a day, or even a weekend. If someone really needs you, they can phone!

Use this time to indulge in hobbies, relax, and reset

5. Cull like crazy

Lastly, be selective about who you follow. Not all content is beneficial. Unfollowing accounts that don’t add value is a game-changer.

You may not have control over what you see and follow from a workplace point of view. However, you can curate your personal feed to include voices and accounts that inspire, amuse or uplift you.

By doing this, you fill your social media experience with positivity and meaningful engagement.

In conclusion, seeting some rules around social media may help you feel a stronger sense of control around your work and personal life, as well as contribute to productivity. It will also contribute to boosting your mental health, as you’ll have more mental capacity to process whatever comes along. I promise, the results will be worth it.

Struggling with aspects of your work? Would you like to discuss some organisational tweaks to help your team feel more in control of their work? Contact me to have a chat to see how I can help.

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