Looking For Therapy for Entrepreneurs

looking for therapy for entrepreneurs

Looking For Therapy for Entrepreneurs

Are you looking for therapy for entrepreneurs?


If you’re a business owner looking for therapy for entrepreneurs, why does it make sense to see someone who specialises in business owners? Life and all its various challenges happens to entrepreneurs in the same way as everyone else, doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. Entrepreneurs and business owners can have all the same life problems. However, they also face added pressures. Some of these include:


  • A low level anxiety (even at the best of times) about bringing in enough business
  • The feelings of responsibility that your work is paying for other people’s mortgages and bills, not just your own
  • Issues around management, sometimes without any management training
  • Entrepreneurs can rarely coast or ask colleagues to cover when the going gets tough – they have to be at peak performance level all the time, or the business suffers
  • Imposter syndrome, self-sabotage, feelings of lacking confidence, or holding themselves back from business opportunities
  • Feelings of isolation
  • The stresses of having to engage and stay on top of social media to promote their business
  • The habits of people pleasing creating bad boundaries with customers
  • Sleep issues impacting work performance

Do Your Own PR – how I started doing therapy for entrepreneurs


Previous to retraining into the psychology field, I ran a business called Do Your Own PR for around 14 years. I trained business owners in how to do their own PR and marketing.  This included selling courses, books and one to one consultations. I noticed that about ten percent of my clients really ran with everything I suggested. They did very well. They built their profiles and achieved successes with the media and gaining clients.


Another 60 percent adopted bits and pieces of my advice. Their profiles also grew, although not in the same way. The remaining clients failed to do anything with my advice, books or courses. Sometimes, we ended up working one to one as they were frustrated by this, often citing a lack of time as the reason they were stalling. What I often found was that there was something going on underneath. Sometimes it was a fear of visibility, or just a voice in their head telling them they couldn’t do this. Who did they think they were to be so bold? Now and again, it was nervousness around what would happen if they became super successful. Sometimes they just didn’t feel they deserved it.


Counselling entrepreneurs and business owners 


This made me fascinated by how I could help them deal with this and move forwards, hence a Masters in Business psychology, then a coaching qualification, and now, I am very pleased to say, as a psychotherapist with the Human Givens.

I see many entrepreneurs who are living with huge anxieties about what the future holds for them. There are business owners feeling low and despondent, and yet keeping their nose to the grindstone because of the people are relying on them. I am meeting entrepreneurs whose physical health is impacting on their mental health, which in turn impacts their work, and I am seeing freelancers who are feeling isolated and alone.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who is struggling with your mental health, or just feel that something is holding you back, then please do feel free to book a chat with me here.
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