Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Business?

can't stop thinking about business

Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Business?

What to do when you can’t stop thinking about your business


I see many business owners who just can’t stop thinking about their business. They contact me because they are worried that they are becoming something of a workaholic. Sometimes, they can’t switch off because they’re quite rightly excited and full of plans for their business. However, more often than not it’s because they are worrying, pondering a business decision, or have got so used to always thinking about the business that they don’t know how to switch it off.

This isn’t always a bad thing. From a Human Givens perspective, our businesses can bring us so much in terms of a sense of achievement, security and control. They may also be one of our main ways of making connections and feeling part of a community, not to mention enjoy status. It’s very common that, during early days of a business or times of expansion, we will need to keep our attention firmly on our business. It can literally feel like a child that needs around the clock nurturing.

The downside of not being able to stop thinking about your business


However, in the long term, if you can’t take that step back and switch off, it will cause problems. There will a point of dimishing returns where you become less productive and not be able to see the big picture, vital if you have important business decisions to make. You’ll suffer from not getting your basic needs met. Exercise, eating properly, your spriritual needs, and even just some space to daydream or do nothing, will all suffer if we don’t allow ourselves to switch off. Other people face the consequences too. We may be unable to give others our full attention, even when we are with them. Ultimately, that means we suffer too as it impacts our relationships. You may come over to others as obsessive, a workaholic, and, quite franky, boring.

So, how do you do it? How do you switch off and step away from your business? First off, it’s not easy, especially if we’ve been like this for a while. Additionally, everyone will need a different approach that is right for them. That’s what I help my clients with. However, here are some good steps to get started.

Monitor the time you spend on your business


You can begin by noticing how much time you are working in your business, and on your business. Also note how much time you are thinking about your business. If you’ve finished work for the day, but keep getting dragged back into work-mode, start to notice what’s pulling you back in. Does it happen when you are bored? Are you so worried about something in particular that you need to get this sorted before you have the headspace to relax? Are you just in the habit, or perhaps your business gives you that adrenaline kick and you’ve become addicted to it?

Keep tabs on your productivity


If you are working long days and thinking about work in the evening, there will come a point where you start to feel less productive. You may notice this as brain fog, a loss of concentration, starting to make silly mistakes, sleepiness or a feeling of irritability. Just take note of your most productive times, and when they start to wane.

What else do you have in your life?


What else do you enjoy doing? Can you pin-point the things or people that fire you up? Do you know what gives you energy? What calms and soothes you?

Notice how you feel when you do nothing


How does it feel to stop? Are you panicking? Do you feel restless or have the feeling you can’t sit still? How long can you sit there and do nothing without feeling guilty, bored or just feel like you need to get up.

All this is information that will help you pin-point the ideal amount of time you should be working. It can show you what else can fulfil your needs in your life. You’ll also understand whether you are thinking about your business because you have to, are in the habit, or are addicted to the rush.

Would you like to explore slowing down and being able to turn off thinking about your business? If so, do contact me to arrange a chat, or book a 20 minute session here.

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