Clothes and Confidence

clothes and confidence

Clothes and Confidence

Fashion Feng Shui: How Clothes And Confidence Are Linked


It’s pretty obvious that clothes and confidence are linked. If you are wearing something you know looks great, and you feel comfortable, then it will help with confidence. However, it goes deeper than that. This is serious career advice!

We talk to Sue Donnelly about how you can choose clothes to make you feel good. Sue practises, teaches and consults on Fashion Feng Shui. Fashion Feng Shui is a type of mindful dressing that Sue believes can teach you help you deal with negative thoughts and help you feel more confident and energised.

Clothes and Confidence through fashion feng shui

This interview was originally filmed with redundancy in mind, but it is so useful it can apply to anyone.  We chat about how your wardrobe can support you without you having to go out and spend loads of money on new things. Sue explains the five elements: water, earth, metal, fire and wood. We also look at how they are linked to different kinds of energies, as well as different moods. Sue talks us through the steps to dressing mindfully. This means thinking about what you want to accomplish that day. You can then decide on what clothes, colours and patterns will help you achieve it.

Your image tells your story, so it makes sense to choose what you want to say (albeit non-verbally) to convey personality, passion, principles and purpose. Mindfully choosing what to wear is empowering, liberating and crucial to the enhancement of physical and mental well- being.


Business or work

It doesn’t matter is you are after a new job, promotion, or are promoting your own business through networking. When you know how clothes and confdence are linked, you can can comfortably step into that place of being more visible.

If you’re struggling with confidence, then book a free chat with me to see if this is something I can help you with.


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