Why Career Psychologist and Coach Paula Gardner

Why Career Psychologist and Coach Paula Gardner

Why Should You Work With Career Psychologist and Coach Paula Gardner?


career psychologist and coach Paula GardnerWhy work with a career psychologist? Choosing and then finding a job or career is one of the biggest decisions of your life. It impacts your spending, your lifestyle, your relationships and your mental state. There are some lucky people who seem to fall into doing something they love, as if by chance. Many of us aren’t so lucky. Finding a profession that marries up with our own needs, skills and personality is not a simple job. Neither is getting started in that profession, changing careers, or even moving up the career ladder.

A career psychologist, like me, is trained to look at people and organisations from a behavioural point of view. This means I can:

  • Help you assess whether your current workplace or career is working for you
  • If not, investigate what careers, roles or paths would be more suitable
  • Talk through intricacies of big career decisions that may be too loaded to have with friends and family
  • Aid you in dealing with workplace issues like bullying, feeling stuck, lacking motivation, or wanting to raise your profile

A career psychologist’s approach

I have a whole tool-box of exercises and tools at my fingers: empirically researched and science based. This psychological approach means that you are getting advice and coaching that is unique to your own personality traits and behaviour. Inevitably, you will discover a lot about yourself during our work together. This is knowledge that can only help you get even further in the future.

My unique approach as a career psychologist

I have something that sets me apart from other career coaches and career psychologists. That is my previous background in PR and marketing. This means that I don’t just coach you through finding your career path, or guide you through a mid-life career switch. I can offer concrete and practical advice around how to raise your profile and get noticed. This can by your own company, prospective employers and even your industry as a whole.

With knowledge of your psychological profile we can create a profile raising strategy that feels comfortable, do-able and, most important, enjoyable.

My own background

I am no stranger to career change myself. I moved from PR and marketing to psychology in my forties. I’ve returned to University to take my Masters in Business Psychology, and can share experiences of returning to education as a mature student. Finally, as the owner of my own business for over 20 years, we can also bring self-employment or setting up a business into our discussions. I have in-depth experience, and a wide network of other business owners. This makes this an area I love to work on with those contemplating jumping ship and going out on their own.


I am a member of the Association of Business Psychologist and abide by their code of ethics.  I am constantly working on my continuous professional development. You will be working with a professional at all times.

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