Career Coaching and Psychology


career coaching with Paula GardnerJob hunting can be hard. Career change can be confusing, and feeling stuck can be demoralising. While friends and family can support and offer their own experiences and advice, career coaching from a real career professional can bring something new to the table.


Career Psychologist


As a career psychologist and coach, I can not only coach you through career change, job hunting and workplaces issues, but also use psychometrics and psychology based tools. This means that we can deep dive into what makes you, you. We can uncover personality traits to reveal what could be your ideal careers. I can assess your skills and behaviors to look at what are going to be the easiest ways for you to move ahead.


This means that you’re not wasting time, but can really play to your skills.


Career Coaching with a PR Perspective


Before I moved into Psychology, I run my own PR company and coached thousands of business owners in how to raise their profile. Getting noticed is the secret ingredient in your career or job search. How do you stand apart? What do you need to do to convince potential employers that you are an expert in your field?


Once you have decided on your chosen career path, or ring-fenced some dream employers, my career coaching can really help make a difference. I can show you (and offer practical help) how to be more visible. As we know, today visibility brings credibility. This is what will set yo apart from everyone else.


Career Coaching with Scarlet Thinking


I have three options and all include psychometric tests to make our work as valuable and focused around you as possible.


  • Classic Career Coaching from a Career Psychologist. £150 per session, or £900 for seven hour-long sessions. This can cover career change, job hunting, workplace issues, CV writing and raising profile – anything that is necessary. If you are a member of the Hub you can benefit from coaching at the reduced rate of £100 a session. Do the maths! Contact me me to arrange a free intake session here.
  • Altruistic Career Coaching: earn money by doing good. A programme for anyone wishing to move to a more meaningful career.  £900 for a seven session programme. See the programme here
  • The Visibility Programme: raise your profile within your organisation or industry and put yourself in the best position for a promotion, new job role or place on the board. £900 for a seven session programme. Read more here
  • Get Noticed Consultation: a one-off half day one to one consultation, where we create a bespoke strategy that will raise your profile £950.


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