Performance Coaching for PR Companies

Performance coaching for PR companies

Performance Coaching for PR Companies

Performance Coaching For PR Companies


My performance coaching for PR companies acknowledges the fact that PR is a very unique profession. It comes with its own very unique stressors. The first is people’s perception of the industry. They often imagine it to be a glamorous lifestyle full of Champagne fueled events and buzzy networking dos. Alternatively, they may see it as a Machiavellian, where intrigue and manipulation comes before honesty and integrity.

The pressures of people having a skewed idea of what you do, or perhaps even strong opinions around it, can’t be dismissed.

The Reality of PR

PR clients are results driven and rarely care that you’ve been putting in double the amount of time and effort to get them coverage. If that coverage doesn’t come off, the client may well voice their disappointment. Managing expectations is a huge part of PR work, and one which requires a subtle approach.

Dealing with press brings its own difficulties. Even if the journalist is 100% behind your story. Pieces are often cut by a sub editor to make room for an Ad or a more important piece (or one that has a better photo). It may even get dropped altogether. It’s an awful situation to then have to go back to the client and explain, even though it’s not your fault. Meanwhile, Social media has a life of its own which is hard to control.

It’s a profession that requires emotional intelligence, not to mention resilience. There will be setback after setback. You need to be confident and have buoyant self-esteem, and still come up with the creative ideas and inspiration.

Why Coaching For PR Companies?

Despite all this, I love it. It’s a profession that has served me well for over 20 years, and given me some of the most exciting experiences in my life. This is why I now work with PR companies. I offer coaching that not only covers the performance, updating  skills for instance. This also includes the “softer” qualities: resilience, self-efficacy,  EQ, confidence and self-esteem.  Making sure that all those personal developmental issues are just as important as ensuring the skills and tools are kept up to date.

People in the PR industry are a joy to work with. They are generally positive, creative and people-orientated. However, they are also prime contenders for burn-out, which is why coaching can be so useful. It can help PR staff deal with setbacks, create support systems and tools to keep them on top of their work and performance, as well as keep their practical knowledge and skills contemporary and alive.

What I do 

I work with PR companies, mainly virtually but sometimes onsite. My USP is that I am a former PR myself. I have a number of text books to my name and experience of both running an agency and as a freelance PR. On the other side of the coin, I have also been a features writer and blogger. To discuss how I can help bring out your PR team’s best, do drop me a line here or feel free to call me on 07534 984298.


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