Get Stuff Done

Get Stuff Done

New Tool Helps You Become More Productive


I was recently asked by Jo Dodds of to review Get Stuff Done. This is her new tool to help you get past procrastination. She’s created it for home based businesses, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for a whole load of people. This could be aspiring novelists, PR company owners, even executives who are struggling with a project that is important but not urgent. As long as it can be broken down into sections, Get Stuff Done will work.

How Get Stuff Done Works

The idea behind Get Stuff Done is to commit to 15-25 minutes a day. You log on once a day and record this along with a cohort of other people working on their own goals. There are also questions that you can answer each day that will help you delve deeper into why you might be avoiding a particular task. In my experience, people tend to love or hate these.

In my cohort one member diligently answered all of them, every day. I dabbled, but there were some people that ignored them and just got on with their daily task. The point is that you can use the system in a way that suits you. I think I answered the questions about a third of the time.

The group side of it can be hugely interesting. I did love nosing around and finding out what other people were working on. Because we all knew each other, it was also interesting to find out a little more about each other and our own working styles.


Get Stuff Done screenshot

Did I get my project done? Yes. but I would have anyway, as I was on a University deadline. How Get Stuff Done helped was keeping it in the forefront of my mind and allowing me to give it ample space to percolate.This was useful as the task involved a lot of thought. It helped me avoid that last minute rush and I had a much more leisurely approach to getting it finished.

The ingredient I haven’t mentioned here is Jo herself. She comments on your progress and question replies and basically coaches you.  Other members of the cohort can also comment too. However, whether they would is of course up to the people on the system at the same time as you. If you know each other, I imagine this will be more likely. Even without that, Jo’s coaching helps with motivation and focus all the way.

You can find out more about Get Stuff Done here

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