What Are The Benefits of Being In A Mastermind Group?

What Are The Benefits of Being In A Mastermind Group?

7 Reasons why you should be in a Mastermind Group

masterminding groupIf you’re anything like me you may find that a project or business idea is fueled by passion in the early days, but there comes a time when that starts to putter a bit and you realise that you’re not quite as motivated as you used to be. Alternatively, you may just feel stuck or a bit isolated. Mastermind groups are a great way of coping with issues like these, and supporting you to put your utmost into carrying out your project or business strategy. When people ask me “why should I be in a mastermind group”, these are some of the things I tell them.

1.What you focus on grows

If you’re giving something attention then it can’t help but respond to your efforts. Being precise about your goals and what you are going to do to get there so that everyone in your group understand will bring things into focus for you. Sometimes you will notice the world conspiring to help bring your goals to fruition, far beyond the reaches of the group. Even small steps create some kind of momentum which encourages you to keep going.

2. You have accountability

This is one way of using social pressure and keeping up with the Jonses in your favour. You will find that you are pleased and proud to report back that you’ve completed your self-set action points and that in itself keeps up your momentum.

3. It is supportive

A small group like this, where everyone is growth orientated and working toward something, is very supportive. You will find that it encourages people to be generous with their ideas, experiences, skills and contacts. You will also feel a lot of satisfaction in giving back and sharing your own. There are so many studies showing the upside of being social and creating small communities like this and it is especially beneficial for those working alone.

4. Challenge

If you find you have a problem with something – like piling too much on your plate – it will get noticed and challenged, encouraging you to be more realistic. You are given an outside and objective view of your strengths and weaknesses which can’t help but improve your performance in the long run.

5. It’s inspiring

Watching others wrestle with their issues and get past them and onto success is incredibly inspiring. You come away wanting to do the same too. More importantly, you see all the hard work that goes into getting there. Far from putting you off, this can inspire you to keep going when things get tough for you.

6. It’s diverse

You will be working with people from different sized businesses, of different ages, backgrounds and with very different approaches to work. Some will be driven; others more laid back. This intimate insight into others can provide lessons to help you in your own approach to work….and life!

7.  Celebration

Sharing your successes with the group is a lovely way to celebrate, especially as they know the hard work that went into it.

I run a number of masterminding groups within central London: ideal for business owners who want to raise their game. I also offer facilitation for mastermind or action learning groups in-house to brainstorm or help bring projects to fruition. Please contact me for more details.

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