Reinvent Yourself in Paris

Reinvent Yourself in Paris

Reinvent Yourself in Paris


Windmill on The Paris Business RetreatAre you yearning to reivent yourself? Have you been wanting to make some big changes but haven’t figured out how you’re going to do it? Or perhaps you’ve already started but can’t let go of what’s holding you back. This was me ten years ago. Separated, but sharing a house with my ex. I was working at a business that had I built up but still feeling trapped and unfulfilled. I desperately wanted to change. But, as you may know, making changes in your life or business means making changes in your mind-set.


Change is never easy, but one thing I’m good at is creating plans, structures and processes to help create that change. Once change starts happening it’s a snowball effect.



Choosing Change – as easy as taking a macaronmacaron-in-paris


It’s the changes that you want to make that I’ll be addressing on my one day Paris business retreat. Just take one day away from the fray with me in stylish Paris. We can work through your next big project, book idea or business campaign, step by step. You’ll then be supported by me with three months of follow up coaching (or backside kicking if that works better for you).


Reivent yourself in Paris


It’s a day that is perfect for:


  • Putting together a plan to raise your profile and get more out there
  • Thinking through all the practical steps you neeed to implement to make a new stream of income work
  • Strategise a new direction for your business
  • A thorough analysis of where you might be getting stuck


My most recent companion in Paris had an idea that he wanted to write a book to help him move up to the next level. By the end of the day we had looked at whether this would be better delivered via other routes (ecourse or video course for instance), come up with a title, format and a list of chapter headings; put together a shortlist of people that could help him with the project and a plan of how he could prepare for marketing it in advance.


Our day together


We’ll begin with a leisurely breakfast on the Eurostar where we will relax into the day, getting to know each other and setting your intentions and goals for our time together.


paris-streetI’ve chosen the bohemian area of Montmartre as our base for the day and it’s here where we will intersperse deep coaching and strategic planning with visits to my favourite chocolaterie, the stunning Sacre Coeur, a delicious French lunch, and the hustle and bustle of this artistic district. Whilst the serenity of some retreats has its place, I believe that we also need energy and creativity, and this area has this in bucket loads.


The day is unhurried and relaxed and you will also have a little time to yourself to digest our work,  do some solo exercises or just have a bit of a wander around Paris.


You’ll leave Paris early evening, with plenty of time to decompress on the train home,  and review our plan. Then, over the next three months we will work together to make it happen. Meanwhile, my address book of contacts is open to you: if I can’t help with something I probably know someone who can.


The one day reivent yourself retreat is £1500. This includes meals for the day, plus three sessions of follow up coaching. If you’re looking for something in the UK, take a look at my restorative retreat in Folkestone.


If you’re itching to reivent yourself,  drop me a line if you’d like to arrange a time to chat through how this could work for you.



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