What is a Personal PR?

What is a Personal PR?

How Professionals Are Using PR to Raise Their Personal Profile


blogWe’ve long known that PR can work for businesses and brands, but a new trend is emerging in the professional world, with CEOs and high flying executives using the service of a personal PR consultant like me to help them raise their own professional profile. It’s a trend that I’ve been noticing over the last few years. Once I only worked with brands and businesses, but more and more professionals and solo business owners are coming to me for help in getting noticed.

Clients’ personal flash points that spark off interest in hiring a personal PR include:

  • Jumping from one one level to another, particularly from management into senior management
  • Deciding they would like to make the board or partnership and needing a higher personal profile to convince others of their credibility
  • Looking for a non- executive directorship role as an additional stream of income
  • Knowing that their personal credibility will attract others or investment into the business

Surprisingly, clients sometimes work with me after they have come into their new position. They know they can do their job, but they are also aware that others may be questioning their appointment and they need to strengthen their position, and do that quickly. Professionals I have worked with include lawyers, coaches, accountants, OD professionals, occupational psychologists, media analysts and HR directors.

I work with my personal clients in two different ways. Some, I will coach in how to raise their profile, taking them through activities such as defining which social media platform is best for them, and showing them how to use to well, helping them create or blog or pitch guest posts or articles to publications to build up a body of excellence that can show them off as a expert in their niche. Others I actually do it for them, pitching to publications on behalf of clients, or networking with them in mind, helping them meet the people that they have strategically  identified  they would like to get to know. For those with lots to say, but little time, I even interview them and then ghost write copy for their website or guest posts.

This isn’t about changing my clients or helping them pretend to be something they are not: It’s all about authenticity, and showcasing what they are good at. Sometimes, part of my work is coaching someone through issues with self-confidence or shyness, my clients certainly aren’t raging narcissists or show-offs. A significant proportion of my clients are shy or face some confidence issues and, after 15 years of coaching clients in PR and marketing, I am able to coach them through this. The key is finding what my clients like to do, and what they feel comfortable doing, and gradually expanding on that.

Investigate this page for ways that you can become a personal PR client, or contact me to arrange a phone or Skype conversation.

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