Human Givens Wellbeing Consultancy For Organisations


Scarlet Thinking offers a number of wellbeing consultancy services for businesses and educational organisations. These are lead by business psychologist, Human Givens psychotherapist and executive coach Paula Gardner, with a team of associates to assist, if necessary.  Consultancy services include:


A Human Givens Wellbeing Workplace MOT


This uses the Human Givens as a framework to assess and make suggestions for the mental health of the people within your organisation. This involves assessing nine needs that every individual needs to have met, in balance. Too much, or too little, and this is where issues can start to arise.


We look at your organisation through this lens, assessing how healthy it is and suggest easy to implement ideas that can improve  the experience not only for staff and mangers, but also busines owners, clients and other stake-holders.


This is a bespoke service and could involve qualititive or quantative surveys, interviews, focus groups, workshops and coaching.


Human Givens Therapy


Human Givens psyschotherapist Paula Gardner offers counselling and therapy for issues such as addictions, anxiety, grief and overwhelm. This is offered on a pay as you go EAP service.


Executive Coaching


Coaching for performance, settling into a new role, leadership and nurturing fast-track superstars.




We offer psychometric tests around personality, communication, team behaviours, risk and resilience to create staff development plans, build exemplary teams, address toxic situations and recruit the right people for both the job and your workplace culture. Results are examined with a Human Givens focus to keep mental health in mind at all times.


How to Attract Female Applicants


Ideal for male-dominated workplaces, the Athena Recruitment Review helps address the common issue of not receiving enough applications from women. This strategic review will  help you put in place exactly what you need to attract high quality female talent, and create the type of workplace that will keep them there.


Please contact Paula Gardner here to set up a meeting to discuss, or book in a Zoom chat here.