Overwhelmed Growing A Business

Overwhelmed growing a business - Paula Gardner post author

Overwhelmed Growing A Business

Feeling Overwhelmed Growing A Business


Are you feeling overwhelmed by growing a business? Perhaps you’ve been putting so much into this you’re worried about burnout? If big business goals are making you feel stuck and overwhelmed, then psychotherapist, coach and business psychologist Paula Gardner of Scarlet Thinking looks at a more gentle and motivating way to help you move your business fowards.



This video looks at how some people just don’t respond well to working to big goals, and how they can uplevel their business using this alternative method. Prefer to read than watch? Here’s the content of the presentation below…

Big Vs Small Goals

Many business coaches suggest that clients set themselves big goals and imagine their business in all its successful glory. Some coaches even call these BHAGS – big hairy audacious goals. While this may be a really motivating and helpful way of working for some, some of my clients report finding it overwhelming and even paralysing. This is especially so if they are struggling with their inner critic or with not feeling good enough. After all, if their business hasn’t been successful so far, why should it now?

This approach is about looking not at a wonderfully successful business, but at the next level. So, asking yourself what do I have to do to move my business from being at level three to four? Or from six to seven? This takes the pressure off because you don’t have to imagine something that is so far away from the current reality. It also helps prevent Burnout, as it allows us to taske rests in between big pushes.

The common danger is that you fall into the trap of thinking my business is turning over £X, so the next level is £XX, or that I have this number of clients, so the next level is double that. You cannot control these things, and we need to keep to what we can control. In other words, our behaviours and actions. 

Levelling Up

Creating a plan where you start carrying out the behaviours of a next level business will get you operating at that level. Only you can know what these will be. It might be that you create a social media plan and start posting more often,  that you set aside a budget for advertising, or get out and network more. Only you and your business can determine what it is, and I have never met a business owner yet who doesn’t intuitively know what will help them to uplevel their business.

Embedding your new behaviours into your working life, not forgetting to look after yourself and your own health in the process, will get you there. Eventually, you will reach a point where you start thinking about the next level, and then the next, and so on.

Paula has over twenty years’ experience of working with business owners on growing their businesses and looking at the issues that can hold them back. If you’re curious about working with Paula, you can book a session here.

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