Why You Need to be Visible in The Workplace

visibility in the workplace with Paula Gardner

Why You Need to be Visible in The Workplace

Reasons Why You Should be more Visible in the Workplace


Being more visible is often bandied about, but why should you be more visible in the workplace? What’s wrong with simply doing your job and knowing that your colleagues see your contribution?

The importance of having a higher profile is evident within business. It helps bring in more clients and more revenue. At work, it can be doubtful whether the increased effort will really be worth it.

Having worked with countless employees I can categorically say, yes, being visible improves your career prospects. Not only that, but also your day to day working relationships will also benefit. Here are seven reasons why…

1.Visibility brings credibility


It doesn’t necessarily really mean a higher profile means you are the best at what you do. However, it can go a long way in convincing other people. That public recognition implies expert status and also reassures others you can deliver.

2. It can shortcut hard work


If you’re running an event, or need others’ help to get something done, being known can help. It will circumvent a lot of explaining about what you are doing and how they can help you.

3. You’ll be seen as an ambassador for your organisation


If there’s one thing employers want, it’s people who look credible, with large networks. They can spread the word about them. Being visible helps when looking for new jobs, as well as putting you in a better position for internal promotions.

4. Visibility in the workplace builds up your confidence


Doing the things that will make you more visible will boost your confidence no end. It may feel like pushing yourself out of your comfort zone for a while. However, as you learn new skills and see the payback, you can feel that confidence zoom.

5. Visibility can be measured


If you are looking for a new job or promotion, tangible metrics are good. Being asked to speak at a conference, take part in a grass-roots project or even sharing social media stats are hard facts which look good on a CV.

6. You’ll be a great role model


If you have children of your own, you’ll know the importance of being a great role model. You can show them things can be done and doors can be opened. Even if you don’t, you will be doing the same for younger colleagues and others in the organisation. You will be trail-blazing and helping others along with you as you go.

7. You can help your own team


All the things you’ll be doing for yourself, you’ll also be doing for your team. Things will become easier for them, and they too appear more credible as you’ll have more opportunities to spead the word about what you are doing.

Finally, I should also mention that it can be a lot of fun. Status and acknowledgement is one of our key human needs, and visibility brings that.

How to be more visible in the workplace


If you’d like to sit down with me and have me design your own bespoke plan for becoming more visible within your own workplace, do contact me to arrange a time to speak. As a business psychologist and therapist, I can make sure that it revolves around your skills, personality and likes and dislikes.





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