Your Returning To Work Plan

returning to work plan

Your Returning To Work Plan

Your returning to work plan: building your board


returning to work - the people who can helpHave you got a returning to work plan? Restarting your career is not something you have to do alone. In fact, the more you can bring in the help, advice and contacts of other people, the more likely you are to succeed.

1. Using Your Current Network

You may wonder how your existing network can help you. However, it’s not about who you know, but who they might know. If you’re an accountant wanting to move into the world of fashion, you may think your existing web of accountants will not be able to help much.

However, one of your colleagues may have a partner who works in the fashion industry, or a client who operates in that area. Telling people who you and what you need will give you access to a lot more people than if you were struggling on alone.


2. Creating A New Network

You may have to grow new networks to feel at home in your new field, or find out about opportunities that aren’t openly advertised. Starting from scratch in a new network can be daunting, and you do need to put a lot of effort in, especially at the beginning. You can start by using your current network to ask if they have any contacts with whom you could chat. When you meet them, ask if they have someone it would be useful to meet.

3. Tapping into Formal Networks

Joining trade organisations or industry groups, both on and offline will open up a whole world of new contacts. You can also seek out people in that area on LinkedIn and connect with them there, maybe even asking them for a meeting or their advice on how to build your network. What works well is having a system for this – little and often is my preferred way. So, you might go on LinkedIn for half an hour every day and slowly build up a new network over time,

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most of us really enjoy helping – it’s a natural human instinct.

4. A Visibility Coach

A visibility coach, like me, is someone that can help you build a strategy to raise your profile. We can work out where best to spend your networking time, and what to ask for when you are doing it. We can work together to get your CV looking the best it possibly can, and build a reputation so that you come to the interview table with as much as possible. I also have a strong network of contacts with whom I can put you in contact. Contact me if you’d like a chat about how I can help you.



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