How Can I Help You?

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How Can I Help You?

All the many ways I can help you


One great thing that has emerged from the pandemic is the sheer amount of resources out there that can help. From Youtube videos, to free webinars to ebooks, many people pitched in and circulated resources that could help. However, quite often we aren’t aware of the help that’s on offer – or don’t want to ask.

Asking for help or support is not a sign of being weak, and one should never be too proud. My heart went out to the parents of the twenty year old who committed suicide because he thought he owed almost five hundred thousand to a share trading site. He didn’t by the way, but a lack of customer service meant that he was unable to get in touch with them. I can’t imagine what hell he must have been going through – and what his family is experiencing right now. You can read the story here.

I know that you can’t rely on social media to always get the word out, so I wanted to let you all know about the free (and paid) support that I offer.

Free – ScarletZest webinars with my colleague Rachel McGuinness

These are mini lunchtime workshops aimed at being more productive healthier and happier. Our last one on self-discipline, habits and rituals, was a sell-out. Our next one is coming up this week. The subject is Ferocious Self-care. We still have some places left and you can book yours here.

Free – Scarlet Thinking Women Facebook group

Information, mini workshops and resources to help mid-life women around confidence, careers and visibility. Join here, or drop me an email and I’ll invite you.

Free – chats with Paula

Free, no obligation coaching chats around confidence, careers, business and visibility. Book yours here.

Free – Redundancy Recovery Hub

This is equally useful for anyone who has found their work drying up, or needs to pivot because their business just isn’t viable at the moment. Interviews with experts, articles and even mindset tutorials from myself. Visit it here.

free daily planner  Free – Daily Planner

I’ve created a daily and weekly PEP planner you can use too help you get organise. Print out to use online, it’s up to you. Email me here and let me know if you’d like a copy sent to you.

So, lots of free stuff for anyone who needs it.

Paid – Coaching

I also coach around careers, business, visibility and confidence. We can follow a set programme that I have created drawing on by years’ of experience in PR and marketing together with my business psychology tools. Alternatively, we can created something that is bespoke to you. Book a chat if you’d like to discuss what would work for you.

Paid – Content Management

I work with a small number of clients on their PR, marketing and content management. If you’d like to discuss this, or anything else, please do contact me here. 




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