Review: The A-Z of Personal Branding by Dr Lisa Orban

Review: The A-Z of Personal Branding by Dr Lisa Orban

Dr Lisa Orban: A-Z of Personal Branding

Dr Lisa Orban’s Invaluable Introduction To Personal Branding


Before you start to raise your profile, it makes sense to think about your personal brand and ask yourself some preliminary questions to help give you some focus.  This new book, The A-Z of Personal Branding by Dr Lisa Orban, will help you think through the elements of your brand: i.e. what do you want people to say about you when you’re not in room?

This work is vital for anyone who is looking to build visibility and credibility. After all, how can you be sure that you will be projecting the right profile…and to the right audience?

One of the elements of this preparation is to think about your personal brand. “Personal Branding” is a term that is bandied about nowadays, but what does it mean? Surely, branding is for well…big brands?

Think again. We all have a personal brand even if we’ve never thought about it at all, as Dr Orban explains.

Dr Lisa Orban

Dr Lisa OrbanDr Lisa Orban, a clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant, is a past contributor to Scarlet Thinking with her no nonsense advice on subjects such as what to do if people dislike your brand, and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. Her new A-Z Guide is a helpful as ever, taking you through subjects such as getting out of your comfort zone, building confidence and handling stress – all essential elements of a credible and trusted personal brand.

My colleague, Rachel McGuinness, of wakeupwithzest, took the section on co-branding particularly to heart. Using Dr Orban’s advice, Rachel found a larger, more established company to partner with, and is now an ambassador for their products, wool duvets, which ties in perfectly with her sleep advice service. By doing so, she has raised her own profile, tapped into a new network, and is also earning a little money too. Proof that this works.

The A-Z of Personal Branding is available on Kindle here.

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