Here’s Looking At You, Change

Here’s Looking At You, Change

Let’s Talk About Change


ChangeThings change all the time. people change. We change. The planet around us changes.  Some of these changes are welcome and positive; some of these are not.

There are some changes which are thrust upon us and some that are our own doing.

We may have influence over some of these changes; but others may leave us feeling passive and powerless.

Again, some changes may be things we’ve been thinking about or even working on for some time; others may be things that 2020 and social media posts like “20 for the 20s”  have inspired in us.


Moving into this decade, like many others I have a list of exciting adventures that I’m looking forward to, but I can also feel the trepidation that comes with some of them. This year my intention is to move out of London. After a 30 year plus love affair with this cit, I’m excited to move on, but the thought of decluttering, sorting out out my house and going through the buying and selling process is more than a little off-putting.

Your personal approach to change

How do you view change? We all view it differently. I’m an S Disc profile, which means that I’m slightly wary of change, especially that instigated by others. I like to do things in my own time. Other profiles, like Ds and Is, relish change and can inspire others to move forward. We all probably know someone who loves change for its own sake; just as we all probably know someone who doesn’t even like having the furniture changed around. The good news is that our approach to change isn’t hardwired in us forever. We can do something about it. Here are some ideas how:

Recognise how you view change, without judging

A nice analogy that personal brand consultant and clinical psychologist Dr Lisa Orban shared with me is getting into a swimming pool. Some people will jump in and start swimming straight others. Others (me!) will inch in slowly, forcing themselves to get comfortable before they move forward fro the next onslaught.

Use the Growth Mindset

Some people are naturally in this mindset, but for many of us, our thoughts can hold us back, even unconsciously. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the stress or of  working too hard, or even fear of alienating friends and family with our success.  Thinking of change as an opportunity for growth means that we see it as something positive.

Having Clarity and Confidence

Knowing what you want and the steps involved are crucial. Once you have the overall process in your head, you can then move to just concentrating on the next step, like me focusing solely on my decluttering for now.

Using a Support Network

Successful people don’t do it alone. talk, share, look for other people who have done what you want to do, who have experienced the same position.

Being Accountable

If you are instigating changeit’s easy to let things slide, slowly falling down to the bottom of your to do list until they finally drop off into the ether. It’s equally easy to make excuses, get distracted by bright shiny ideas or give up when we hit an obstacle. Committing to being accountable somehow changes all that. Finding someone who can give you this, whether it’s a friend or a coach, can be invaluable.

Know how to visualise.

If you’re looking at a one-off thing like moving house, you can look at the end goal and visualise that. If it’s something that lifestyle based, like losing weight or getting fit, it’s more effective to focus on the process and visualise that as you will be making changes that you’ll more than likely need to integrate into your lifestyle forever.

How can I help you? 

If you would like to talk through a strategy to create or make the most of changes this year, I’ve some coaching spaces in the next few weeks which you can book here. There is no charge for this session.

If you’d like me to come into your workplace and run a DISC workshop. Email me to discuss how that would look and how it can really help improve communication within a team.

Alternatively, if you would like to use your right brain to do some planning then you can join well-being consultant Rachel McGuinness and myself next week for an online planning workshop. You can find details here

Anything else, do feel free to drop me a line to see how I can help.

Here’s to change!

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