Personality testing for Graduates

Personality testing for Graduates

Personality testing for Graduates with Scarlet Thinking


With so many graduates to choose from, many with little real world work experience, how can personality testing for graduates help you choose a graduate that is going to be right for your organisation? Degree results can indicate a hard worker (or someone who is academically gifted). However, they can only take you so far.

If you are looking to recruit talented graduates personality testing for graduates can help by:

• Finding graduates who have the potential to be good team-players
• Pin-pointing graduates with the right communication skills
• Assessing which personalities embrace change which ones may find change stressful
• Uncovering graduates who have the potential to fit into company culture.

Personality Tests as Part of The Application Process


Personality tests, added to a mix of application process and interviews, can provide a lot of information to help you pick graduates that are more likely to repay your investment. Taken pre-interview, they also give us the opportunity to look at their personality test results. We can then create bespoke questions that will help you dig into who they really are.

Of course, the key is in knowing who it is that your organisation needs. You may already know. If not, this is also something we can look at. Recent work with a financial company uncovered that they had a lot of project managing driving personalities in their team. However, they had very few conscientious completer-finishers. Part of our remit for assessing graduates was to look for personalities that thrived on this type of small details work.

Whether you are taking on large numbers or have a very small intake, graduate recruitment involves a lot of risk. The candidates are untried and may not even be suitable for their chosen career. Or they may even come to hate it! Sifting out unlikely candidates via personality testing for graduates helps you focus on those that really have potential.

It also allows you to take an informed look at where they might fit in your organisation. This is helpful for you, of course.But it also allows you to give them an idea of a possible career path should they decide to join you. Knowing that you have already looked at their strengths and skills and given them serious consideration is an attractive quality in a potential employer and not to be underestimated.

Personality testing for Graduates Mechanics


Students can easily access the tests online by following a link. You will be provided with an overall summary and a feedback meeting. You can also choose to provide candidates with feedback on their results.

If you’d like to find out more about personality testing for graduates, please contact us for a chat.

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