Free Online Personality Tests

Free Online Personality Tests

Where to find the best free online personality tests


free online personality testI believe personality testing can give us a fascinating insight into our own strengths and weaknesses. It’s a view shared by employers as whacking great sums are spent on personality testing for recruitment and development.  It can tempting to try out a one of the many free online personality tests. After all, what have you got to lose? Well, quite a bit actually.

If they haven’t been robustly put together they can misleading or confusing. Even worse, ask a member of your team to do one of these and your credibility will go right down.

You will find free online personality tests all over the place. Some of these include the ubiquitous “what kind of food are you?” type quizzes on Facebook that everyone now avoids as we all know its all about data capture. However, there are plenty out there that look fairly professional. How can we know if they are robust, fair and any good?

Here are a few of the ones I’ve tried myself, as part of my Masters. They were easy to complete and I believe  they stand up to scrutiny.  Do note that you may have to give your name and email address to receive it, however.

16 Personalities

This one may sound familiar. It should as it is a simplified version of the Myers Briggs indicator. This should never be used for recruitment as it’s not built for that. However, for personal use it will give you a nice insight into whether you are an introvert or extrovert, big picture thinker or detail orientated etc.  One reason why people like Myers Briggs and 16 Personalities is that it is fairly positive. Each personality type has it strengths and it expressed in very positive terms. Of course, this won’t give you the full picture, but is a nice start.


The Via test looks at your areas of strength and interest and enables you to bring those more fully into your work. My strengths are also my strongest values:  creativity, learning and curiosity. It’s almost a litmus test for me as to whether a project fulfills those key areas for me. if it doesn’t, it’s not likely to be motivating enough for me to get my teeth into. I therefore run the risk of running out of steam. Good knowledge to have.

Robertson Cooper

Robertson Cooper does a great little test (you may have to dig a little to find it) that focuses on your resilience. Resilience is hugely important but how do we build this? The report will give you an idea of what areas you can build up to increase your resilience. These include the support around you, your adaptability and confidence.


One reason I like all of these free online personality tests, is that they are positive. They are not looking at your dark side,  or predicting where you will fall short. They focus on strengths and building you up. As a first foray into personality tests, this is an ideal introduction. For many people, this may be all they need. If you want personality tests to help a team work better or give it a little extra oomph, or for recruitment or development, then you need to use a robust test. The test should be administered by a business psychologist who can give the correct feedback. I tend to use the Saville Wave as it assesses not only our strengths and weaknesses, but the areas where we may be more motivated towards growth. It’s also one of the most highly respected tests in the business.

Please do contact me if you’d like to find out more about my psychometric testing services.

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