A Modern Framework for Leadership

A Modern Framework for Leadership

An Introduction to The Scarlet Thinking Leadership Framework



communicating the visionThe Scarlet Thinking leadership framework has been created to be expressly suitable for modern leadership. Why is modern leadership any different from leadership throughout the decades or centuries before? Like the leaders at any point in time, we are facing particularly contemporary issues that we haven’t seen before.  Our age is increasingly digital, online and virtual. AI is already here. Our economic and political world stage is volatile and more than a little worrying.

Social media has huge power for both good and bad. Campaigns like #metoo are happening in a way that couldn’t be foreseen even five years’ ago. Equally, organisations are more vulnerable to peaks and dips in public opinion. Social media can play a powerful part in building or ruining a reputation.

Ethical Leadership

Whist traditional leadership skills will always be important, there are other leadership currencies that are becoming more and more vital. Ethical leadership is something that cannot be taken for granted. Businesses are under public scrutiny. This can encompass everything from its use of ethical and sustainable suppliers to the gender pay gap to the way it treats employees. Ethical leaders not only work to keep these and other issues to an acceptable level, but their very ethical nature inspires loyalty and even more pro-social actions and behaviours amongst their colleagues and teams. An ethical leader creates a virtuous circle.


Visibility has also become hot news. We need ethical leaders who are visible. We want leaders who can act as shining lights and ambassadors for their organisations. Their visibility will inspire others, cultivating the right behaviour to move businesses forward. This can be justified on every level. Whether you may believe we need ethical leaders from a moral point of view, or are aware of what a strategic PR opportunity a good ethical leader brings to an organisation or business.

Seven Behaviours

The Scarlet Thinking approach to leadership is built on seven behaviours that will enhance a contemporary leader’s efficacy, visibility and reputation. Those are social connections, community, authenticity, radical, legacy, ethics and tactical. We will will be taking a look at each of those in this series.

You may have noticed that the Scarlet Thinking leadership framework concentrates (but is not limited to) on female leaders. You may be wondering why? The answer is that I believe that this new need for strong, ethical and visible leadership can be met by women who are often natural connectors and already value the importance of community. I also wanted to create a leadership framework that combined soft and hard leadership skills; one that acknowledges that drive is not limited to men, and that women have drive, as well as soft power, at their fingertips. Some of the leadership subjects like radical and tactical draw on this ambitions, driven side that I would love women to welcome and enjoy, and not shy away from.

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