How to Get The Most Out of A Mastermind Group

How to Get The Most Out of A Mastermind Group

Maximise Your Mastermind Group Experience


mastermind coffeeIf you’re in a business mastermind group you’ll know that it’s a great way to keep up momentum, get feedback and have accountability. However, there are a number of ways to get the best out of your Mastermind group. Here, I’ll go into my thoughts on how to do just that.

1. Accept that it’s important


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a mastermind group is a luxury, especially if you suddenly find yourself busy.  I run my own mastermind groups at nice venues around London. They are always over breakfast in the morning, or tea and cake in the afternoon. This may make them feel a bit like a bit of a pamper or treat, but the content and intention of the meetings is far from a mere “treat”. We are all there to do serious work and have ring-fenced this time for long term business development or reaching short term strategic goals.

2. It’s about learning as much as the goal


I like to think of my mastermind groups as an exploration of what works for us. So, as well as looking at what you do, we will be looking at how you found it. We ask ourselves questions that help us reflect and bring clarity and a deeper understanding of ourselves and our businesses.

3. Realise it’s a cycle


My masterminding groups are built on the concept of action learning sets. This means that there is a certain process of learning, planning and action and then back to learning again.  The idea behind this is that it creates a flow. We are less likely to get stuck doing the same old thing over and over again.

4. Accept that it’s a discipline


It’s good for us to listen to someone else’s issues. We learn from them. Also, by formulating questions that provoke them to think deeply we also come to a greater understanding of ourselves.

5. Enjoy being empowered


Your time in the mastermind group is your time. You can use it as you like. Many people find this hugely empowering. Even just being listened to for a set period of time brings insights and learning. Getting feedback and deep questions from the group only adds to that.

6. Share


Sharing resources, connections and even ideas is beautifully collaborative and really special for people that are used to working on their own. You get as much as you put in, on so many levels. What I love is the energy people bring to the group and, as that’s shared, the energy that it creates.

7. Choose a group that suits you


There are all different types of mastermind groups around. You even can set up your own with friends or colleagues. Do find out as much as you can before you commit. My own groups are set at different venues around London, I feel so privileged to live in this exuberant city and want to share that. I also bring an element of business psychology into our sessions. I run a pre or post session section on something that can benefit their business. We link this to things like sales, productivity, growth, self-confidence so you can get something really tangible from these sessions.



You can find out more about my London business mastermind groups here.



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