The Types of Coaching and How to Choose


wise owl symbolising different types of coachingIt can be confusing to choose from the different types of coaching when there are so many out there on the market. Here, we will take a look at what’s on offer from Scarlet Thinking.


Types of Coaching


Executive Coaching


Delivered by a business psychologist with a history of running a PR and marketing agency, executive coaching is invaluable in helping your people deal with feelings of overwhelm, issues with team dynamics, imposter syndrome, burn-out, confidence and productivity.

Psychometrics are an integral part of our work together, and people often really appreciate this opportunity to learn more about themselves and thei strengths.


Anxiety Coaching


Anxiety coaching focuses on helping you bring down your levels of anxiety in general, and helps you cope with feelings of anxiety. These could be generalised anxiety, when you wake up feeling tense and anxious and that feeling stays with you all day. It could also be panic attacks. We show you how to diffuse a panic attack and deal with the often terrifying situation. Ideal both for those experiencing anxiety, and those trying to help others who suffer from this. You can find out more here


Visibility Coaching


This focuses on helping people raise their profile. We work with CEOs, business owners, newcomers to a team or organisation, and influencers. Our coaching addresses not only the how-to of raising your profile, but also the feelings of anxiety or nervousness that can accompany it. Delivered by the author of Do Your Own PR and Get Noticed. You can find out more here.


Business Coaching


Hands-on business coaching from a business psychologist and past owner of a PR and marketing company. Setting goals, creating strategies, recruitment and development for yourself and your team.


Career Coaching


Looking at career choice, job hunting and workplaces issues. Delivered by the author of The Career Pause and Pivot. Find out more here.


Please contact us or book a chat to discuss our types of coaching and what suits you – it may be a blend of a number of options. We offer a half hour chat at no cost or obligation. Coaching can be delivered over Zoom, telephone or face to face.


Your lead coach is Paula Gardner, business psychologist, coach and trainee psychotherapist. Paula has also hand-picked a number of coaches to support you, your team or your organisation. All coaching can be catered for your needs, from a one-off session, to a bespoke coaching programme, to a one day SeaChange retreat.