Coaching For Anxiety


Paula Gardner coaching for anxietyAnxiety is a common part of modern day life. You don’t need to have a “problem”, illness or a diagnosis to suffer from anxiety. Our society, with its emphasis on comparison and competition, is set up to instill it. Nevertheless, we don’t have to just accept anxiety. Anxiety coaching can helps with anxiety, panic attacks, a drop in confidence, high stress levels, and a feeling of overwhlem.


How anxiety coaching works


Our work together focuses on improving your life. We are not about to delve into your past and unearth where your anxiety stems from. We really don’t need to do this. Life today is enough to create anxiety. The way forward is to learn how to deal with it, minimise it and build your confidence if it has been impacted by anxiety.


We work on addressing your own particular symptoms, learning to recognise them in your body and spot the things that trigger this feeling. I use the three point RED framework during our anxiety coaching sessions.


R – Reality Check. Is there something triggering your anxiety in your life or workplace that can be addressed?

E – Educate. We look at various ways of dealing with anxiety and you choose what works best for you. 

D- Do. Get using these techniques in your every day life to make a difference.


Sessions can include:


  • Practical advice to help you counter anxiety
  • Possible life changes to create a more relaxing and calmer life
  • A look at where you confidence levels may have dipped and what we can do about that
  • How to access support from others
  • Breathing techniques that can help
  • Long-term supportive routines that will reduce anxiety
  • Spotting what brings on feelings of anxiety
  • Help dealing with panic attacks
  • Work on boosting self-esteem
  • Accessing ways for you to relax
  • Explanations of neural and brain chemistry and how these can help you
  • Homework to get you practising these things



Is this therapy?


No. We are finding practical solutions to help you feel better and set yourself up for good habits as quickly as possible. You do not need years of therapy to help you address the sympoms of anxiety.


Fees and Terms


Sessions are £90 per session or £460 for a block of six sessions for virtual coaching via Zoom. I also see clients in person in Folkestone, Kent at £105 per session.


To get started, book your first session here.


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