Coaching Retreats


Business retreats in FolkestoneHave you ever thought that you could just work something out if you had the time and space. Yet, when some time does open up, you spend it doing chores, or anything else you can think of! It can be hard to make changes when you’re fully in the daily grind. Getting away, even if it’s just for a day or two, can really help to make space for you to look at things in a different way.


I offer one to one retreats where you’ll do just that.  I’ll guide you through a flexible programme which has been designed to move you from whatever you are struggling with right now, to firmly on a path to where you want to be. Along the way there’s likely to be beach walks, city tours, and good food.


Retreats are unique and built around you, taking into consideration whether you’d like lots of time to reflect, or would prefer a more structured programme.


What I’ll bring


The retreat is a guided process to help you tackle an issue in your business. I’m also here to offer you therapeutic advice if needed, a business psycholology perspective, coaching tools to help you separate emotions from thinking, prompts to help you consider alternative options, and thirty years plus experience of running my own business. This includes 15 years as the owner of a PR and marketing company.


These business retreats are ideal for:


  • Getting perspective on whether your business is serving you, or you a slave to your business

  • Having space to make the big decisions around things like selling or restucturing the business

  • Planning out a new routine that will keep work and life at the right balance for you

  • Thinking through how to approach marketing and social media in ways that enrich rather than drain you

  • Planning out a book, course or product idea


Chose from:



Restore yourself in Folkestone – a 2 day retreat in Folkestone, UK (£700)

Reinvent yourself in Paris – a 1 day retreat in Paris, France (£1500)


Book a call here to discuss creating your own retreat experience (also open to business partners or key colleagues).