Good Online Interview Presence

good online interview presence

Good Online Interview Presence

How to create good online interview presence 


In this interview I quiz voice coach Angela Durrant for her advice on building a good online interview presence.  I’ve known Angela for many years, and trust her experience, gained both from being on stage herself, and then through coaching and teaching others. Angela helps people perform with more charisma, whether that’s on stage, in a presentation, or during an interview. She shares her years of knowledge on how to get people to pay us attention. She can show us how to create a space where you interact as equals, and not the usual interviewer power dynamic. 

Good Online Interview Presence

It’s important to remember that the interview starts before you even sign onto Zoom, or whatever platform you will be using. We talk through what makes good pre interview practice, right down to managing the tech.

Angela, who has trained people in call centres, shows you what you can do with your nervous energy, something that is very common in interviews. She also explains how to give an authentic performance from the first hello, and keep that up throughout the interview. 


Angela Durrant


Angela Durrant on creating an online interview presenceAngela delivers stagecraft and speaking strategy for leaders in their field, who want to find their authentic selves, master their message and impact their audiences. She also mentors individuals and leaders who want to improve their speaking or aspire to become more influential in their role.



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