New Careers Book From Scarlet Thinking

New Careers Book From Scarlet Thinking

New Careers Book: The Career Pause and Pivot


careers book The Career Pause and PivotThings have been a little quiet at Scarlet Thinking for a few weeks. One reason is that my dad died back in April. It wasn’t Covid, but the virus did play its part, preventing my dad getting the immunotherapy that may have helped him fight his cancer a little longer.  I’ve spent some time with my mum, sorting out his affairs and helping her through this difficult time. A combination of Coronavirus, my mum shielding, and my sister being stuck in Taiwan, has meant that we still haven’t had a proper funeral, and it looks likely that may not happen for a while yet.

Nevertheless, I am not one to sit dwelling. I have used lockdown as a way to pause, think about what I want next, and take action accordingly. The result has been two big projects and I am now ready to share them with the world.  I’ll be talking about the first of them today.

My new careers book

The big news is that I wrote a book on lockdown: The Career Pause and Pivot. I used lockdown and my immediate mourning period to think about my life. However, I also know of many others who were prompted to re-examine their futures at this time. I wanted to write something for anyone who was ready to take a pause and assess if their current path was the right one for them.

The Career Pause and Pivot is split into two sections. The first, Pause, helps people assess if their current path is the right one for them , whilst the second, Pivot, focuses on the practical steps necessary to step into a new career, role, freelance practice or even start a business.

Finding your path

I wrote this book is for anyone who has doubts if they are on the right career path, or who has found their world thrown upside down by redundancy and would like to take some time to really examine what to do next. The Career Pause and Pivot is about taking time to consider our lives and what we really want from them. When we are working, so much time is spent with our noses to the grindstone, bringing in the cash, dashing for the train, queuing for coffee and just getting on with it. It’s hard to find time to take a deep breath, let alone a proper re-evaluation.

The Career Pause and Pivot includes exercises, points for reflection, and practical advice on:

  • How to organise your job hunting routine
  • How to shadow someone
  • Identifying your values and using those to find your dream job
  • Building your network
  • Whether you should go back to University or retrain
  • How to present your transferable skills
  • Should you start again at the bottom?
  • Building your resilience and coping with rejection

If you’d like your own copy, or know someone else who could benefit from this careers book, The Career Pause and Pivot is available at

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