Leadership and Visibility

Leadership and Visibility

Looking at Visibility and Radiance as Qualities of Leadership


Leaders have to be visible. However, that’s often outside our comfort zones, especially if we are new to leadership. You don’t have to hog the spotlight or step over other people to¬† become more visible. There are ethical ways to become more visible, or radiant as I sometimes like to call it. I choose the word radiance as it implies shining your light upon other people. It’s attractive, collaborative and softer.

Here’s a video I’ve created around the subject of visible and radiant leadership. I see Visibility as a fascinating subject and one that deserves more attention, whatever your level in the organisation.

The Scarlet Thinking Ethical Leadership Course: Part Four from paula gardner on Vimeo.

Experiences of Visibility

I would love to hear your experiences of being more visible as a leader or brand ambassador. It is a subject that has so many questions around it. Do you find it easy? Is it something you’ve had to learn? What help, if any, have you had with that. What visible leaders do you admire, and why? Can you identify the qualities that are attracting you in particular? What does visibility mean for you? Would you get away with not being visible, if you could? What other benefits, apart from profile, can you see around being more visible?

If you would like a one to one with me to talk through your issues around becoming more visible, or to create a plan to make that happen, please contact me and we can get that organised. Or drop me a line with your thoughts around visibility in the comments below.

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