Press Release: New Altruistic Career Coaching Service Launches

Press Release: New Altruistic Career Coaching Service Launches

Moving to a More Socially Responsible Career


Altruism Consultancy Scarlet Thinking launches a new career coaching service for people looking to move to a more altruistic, socially responsible career. “Career change can be momentous at the best of times,” says founder, career coach and business woman, Paula Gardner, “People can be anxious about whether their own experience will be transferable to a different way of doing business, and there are often concerns around money, especially if there are financial responsibilities. “

However, clients are also often unaware of the huge choice of socially responsible work that is open to them. Whilst charities are facing a difficult time, The State of Social Enterprise Report 2015, sponsored by Santander, shows that UK social enterprises are outperforming their private counterparts and thriving in every way as they tackle our issues. You don’t even have to leave the private sector if you don’t want to, as many organisations are opening up to the importance of corporate social responsibility and altruism in the community. There could be a real opportunity to make a difference on your doorstep.

Paula Gardner has created Scarlet Thinking’s 7 Steps to a More Meaningful Career to enable people to strategically think through their career move. “It’s a mixture of deep coaching to make sure that as well as ticking altruistic values, you’re going to end up with a job that fulfils you in other ways which are just as important, and real practical and pithy work to help you get where you want to go.”

Paula is no stranger to the altruistic switch herself. Beginning her previous career in PR in the music industry working with names like George Michael, she ran her own PR and marketing consultancy for 15 years, before realising that she was yearning to do something more. Her first step was heading back to University to do a post graduate degree in Business Psychology, which completely changed her life. “It was terifying though,” admits Paula, “so I do empathise with my clients’ anxieties around change. It’s easy to get stuck.”

Paula’s top 3 tips for an altruistic career change

  1. There’s no need to rush it. Try experimenting for a while. If you think you’d like to work with children, offer to help out at Sunday school or go into a school to read one afternoon a week to see if you really can handle it. Offer to do some admin work for a charity to see if you like the atmosphere, or let people know that you’d be interested in a trustee position if you’d like to get into management
  2. If you’re not already, get up to date with technology. Get comfortable with Skype, for instance as you’ll probably find you’ll be doing Skype interviews
  3. Is there anything you can implement where you are right now? A pro-social programme that will keep you motivated and help you gain experience in the meantime?


The 7 Steps to a More Meaningful Career programme can be found at







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