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Add a Dash of Red: Working With Scarlet Thinking


Paula Gardner

I blend my my twenty plus years of experience in marketing and PR with coaching, business psychology and a knowledge of real world businesses.


There are a number of ways that we can work together, but if you can’t see a quite what you’re looking for, please get in touch and I will do my best to help…



I help people become more visible. This means I coach business owners, executives, account managers, law firms partners and CEOs in the art of raising their profile. This can cover how-to issues such as how to build a social media presence. But it can also delve deeper, looking at issues around confidence, esteem, presence and delivery.  My latest programme is the Visibility Programme which starts in January 2018.  You can join me for this from anywhere in the world.


The best work on performance  always starts with an assessment to discover where and how you are working right now. I use the Saville Wave, renowned not only for its accuracy, but also its insight into people’s preferred methods of working, as well as their intrinsic strengths. With that information we can move into individual performance coaching. This can help staff become well rounded, confident and experts within their chosen areas. Profile raising and visibility can also be addressed within performance coaching. This is something that is invaluable in businesses where employees are ambassadors for the organisation, or are expected to bring in a certain amount of fee earning business.

Alternatively, I can craft a team day to address any team issues that come to the surface. This is perfect for teams that have recently been created, or subject to change.

Pass it On

Almost every organisation has a wealth of untapped knowledge within its employees, managers, systems and history. I distill this knowledge into accessible learning materials such as online courses, podcasts or workshops. This means that your organisation will have a learning library suitable for CPD, new recruits or those looking to rise within the business. This can be supplemented with outside speakers and workshops to create a bespoke learning resource for your organisation.

On The Menu

Scarlet Thinking’s Red Hot Values

Adventure. We love to be stimulated in our work and treat each new project as an adventure

Respect and confidentiality. I follow the British Psychological Society's Code of Ethics

Creativity. We like to play around with new ways of thinking

Connection. It's a overused word, but the connections between us and our clients are both vital and rewarding


Contribution. To you, your organisation or society. We like to feel that we are making a difference


Knowledge. We work to keep up with research, business psychology and the changing face of social media

If you’d like to arrange a call to discuss what might be the best option for you please drop me a line and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

“Working with Paula I have had coverage in the Mail on Sunday, Bella, Huffington Post, HR Zone, Fab After Fifty, Best magazine, New York’s Divorce Attorney, Family law Journal, Essential Travel and Bon Marche, amongst others.”
– Liz Copeland of