Career Intuition: What Do You Already Know

Career Intuition: What Do You Already Know

Career Intuition: Putting Together What You Know


Career IntuitionWe’ve covered a lot so far in this Career Pause series so today we are having a bit of a pause. Not a rest mind you, but a pause to assimilate and connect what we’ve already learned. We are going to tap into your career intuition. This is a great practice that I advocate doing every day if you can, and not just around your career and work.


Taking A Pause

There are no exercises, no need for paper and pens, it’s just you and your sofa. What you will need is a quiet space and some time, say 20 mins, when you know you won’t be disturbed. Find a comfortable place to sit. You don’t have to sit on a cushion like a seasoned yogi unless that’s your thing. I tend to stretch out along the sofa, making sure my back is fully supported by cushions. If you do happen to fall asleep, don’t worry. You probably needed it! If it helps, light a candle or snuggle under a cosy throw. You don’t want to be music, though.


Start by taking 10 deep breaths. Really push the air into your abdomen when you inhale so that you can feel it rise as you do so. Take them as slow as you possibly can, feeling yourself feel calmer and more tranquil as you do so. Imagine you are currently floating on the surface of an ocean that is slowly becoming calmer and calmer as you breathe.


Ground Yourself

Now, lightly place one hand on your heart and another on your abdomen. Feel yourself gently dive beneath the surface of that ocean to far below where there are no choppy waves. There is nothing to disturb you.  Everything is slow and calm.


Accessing Your Career Intuition

Now, all you are going to do is listen to your intuition that is going to put everything we’ve worked on together. You can do this in two ways. One is by asking a question, such as “do i really want to go back to work for the same company”? The other is just to be still and sit with whatever comes up. For a while you might get things like “I need to do X” or niggling worries about things that are bothering you. However, give it time and, especially towards the end, you may find small insights happening. This will get easier and happen more often if you make a daily practice of it.

I am big believer in turning into your body mind connection and this is one of the best ways I have found to do this.  You may like to keep a notebook specifically for your insights from this practice. In my next post, we will be investigating the idea of Possible Selves and how you can integrate those with this practice.

Read other posts tagged The Career Pause to discover more exercises in this series, or contact me to work through this process with me one on one.


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