Personality Testing To Help You Get Out Of Your Own Way


personality testingScarlet Thinking are experts in personality testing. Companies use us to recruit the best fit for their organisations and teams. Job-hunters use us to get themselves in the best position for dream job. Leaders use us to hone their skills and become better leaders. Entrepreneurs use us to help them understand which behaviours may be holding them back, and what they can do about it.


Psychometric tests can offer us a wealth of information about our own or other’s personalities and behaviours. They can tell us if a new recruit is likely to work well with a particular manager; if someone is a completer finisher, or whether our ingrained approach to risk is prompting us to make rash decisions, or even hold us back.


Scarlet Thinking offers psychometric testing for:


  • Organisations wishing to develop their people
  • Companies wishing to recruit
  • Job applicants who want to prepare themselves for possible testing and the following interview
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to investigate which parts of their personality and behaviours are working for them, and which ones may be holding them back
  • Leaders who want to understand their style and its positives and limitations
  • Anyone who wants to get better at what they do


Our Approach to Personality Testing


Personality testing can be fun, and reading the results is enlightening. However, the most important step is having someone to help you decipher what they mean for you or the organisation. This is where I come in.


As a past PR and agency owner I bring a real-life knowledge of business to my work, as well as my many years’ experience as a coach and mentor. This means that I take the results and help you use them for what you need, whether that’s to give you the edge in business, get that job, or work out how to develop your staff.


Our favourite tests are Saville Wave, The Risk Compass, and DISC.


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