Coaching for Comms and PR Leaders


coaching for commms and pr leadersPerhaps you are the owner of a successful agency you’ve built up from scratch, but are now feeling like it’s time to move into the next stage, creating a company vision, culture and team that embodies where you want to go?


Or you may have recently stepped into leadership, and need to embed new skills and behaviours to make the most of this new responsibility.


Or perhaps you have ear-marked out one of your team for leadership, and want to do all you can to help them get ready.


How I can help

I will help you uncover your style of leadership, and relate that to the challenges and enviroment you are in. We’ll look at finding a way forward that feels authentic for you, and welcoming and inclusive to others.  This may be addressing leadership skills, ways of comunicating, or issues around confidence. We will move from the mindset of getting the job done, to leading others to get the job done.

This is results driven coaching that focuses on tangible change, breaking it down into easy step by step actions. Meanwhile, my background as a psychotherapist allows us to look at anything that might be holding you back, such as avoiding conflict due to patterns you took on as a child.



Issues that often come up in comms and pr leaders coaching include:



    • Getting clear and focusing on the money

    • Creating a great company culture

    • Behaviours like perfectionism, procrastination or people-pleasing

    • Learning how to delegate comfortably

    • Building effective teams

    • Relationship patterns that are impacting colleagues, employees and clients

    • Decision making, focus and risk

    • Dealing with difficult people

    • Systems and processes to save time and money

    • Dealing with conflict

    • Exhaustion from being the one that looks after everyone else

    • Personal issues impacting your business


How leadership coaching for comms and pr leaders works:


I offer packages of six or ten sessions of leadership coaching at £2400 or £3600. There is also the option for a one day retreat in Folkestone, Kent, plus 3 follow on sessions. Sessions are over Zoom or WhatsApp video call.   Contact me here, or you can book a no-obligation chat with me to discuss here.