Mentoring and Training For Young People


Mentoring young people 


mentoring and training young peopleTaking on a young person today isn’t just about giving them a chance to learn a trade or grow. Young people have a wealth of learning, knowledge (especially when it comes to social media) and, more often than not, a bang up to date view on what’s going on in the world right now. However, they also have a lot to contend with: studying, taking on a new job and fitting in with a new team, the overwhelm of social media, and an uncertain future to name a few.


Our mentoring is about providing support for every young person. That could be in the form of helping them learn how to stop procrastinating and get on with their studies, or giving them guidance on how they can speak up in meetings.  We have helped young people get through redundancy whilst on an apprenticeship, students deal with feeling isolated and lonely, and new graduates cope with overwhelm in a new job, and step up to give amazing company-wide presentations.


It may be that you have someone on hand who can mentor your young people. If so, then great. If you don’t, or would like some help building this we can help. We can provide mentoring ourselves, or help you create a mentorship scheme for your own young people.

“Paula delivered training, coaching and mentoring to her own team of Kickstarters and also company-wide training, which included subjects such as CV and interview techniques, personal SWOT analysis, coping with anxiety at work, using LinkedIn and looking after your own mental health. The seminars were often interactive, with opportunities for exercises, questions and even personal one to one time with Paula if needed. She also coached and mentored them through their early days in the workplace, getting used to their new employers and finding their feet. Her work was always highly professional, engaging and always with the kickstarters’ best interests at their heart.”

Mavis Amankwah of Marvel Recruit



Training young people



We offer inspiring mental health and career trainings. These help young people to rise above the stresses of modern-day work and put them in the best place to launch their careers. All trainings can be delivered online or in person.


We offer an ongoing programme, complete with a workbook for participants to take away and use. They can also be branded in your own colours and style scheme. Issues we cover include productivity, promoting good mental health, confidence, working as part of a team, study skills, dealing with difficult people, CV and interview skills, and building a network.


Some of our workshops are listed below,  but please contact us to discuss the full programme. Alterntatively, you can set up a no obligation chat here. All are around an hour long, and will be recorded to enable you to build a library for future recruits.


Dealing with Anxiety at work


Goal addressed: helping participants deal with the feelings of anxiety. This could mean a general feeling of anxiousness, to full-blown panic attacks.


This workshop looks at the reasons behind why we feel anxious, and the common symptoms of anxiety. Find out how to spot the signs that you are starting to get anxious, or even in danger of having a panic attack. Moreover, learn how to defuse and calm a panic attack. Finally, understand how to take concrete steps to support a life that is less stressful.


Leave with a toolbox of practical ideas that you can implement to help yourself and others.



Self-discipline, habits and rituals


Goal addressed: Becoming more productive whilst working remotely.


content servicesWe all rely on self-discipline, habits and rituals to get things done, but how often do you think about which one serves you best? This workshop concentrates on looking at the differences between the three. It also helps people think about their own rituals, self-discipline and habits. What works for them and what doesn’t?


Finally, we’ll look at real life examples from a positive psychology perspective, promoting good mental health and resilience.




  • How to increase your self-discipline
  • Why relying on self-discipline alone can be a trap
  • The two main mindsets in life and what you can do if you find yourself stuck in the wrong one
  • How you can break your own habits – or create new ones
  • Why we need rituals in our lives
  • How to raise habits into rituals to change our state of mind


Become More Visible


Goal addressed: maintaining visibility within an industry and organisation whilst working remotely.


Radiance and visibilityBeing visible is more important than ever. Sometimes, simply doing a job well isn’t enough. We have to be seen to be be an ambassador for our organisation; to have “a profile.” Some people love this opportunity to step into the spotlight. For others, it can feel like a step too far.


Many are also struggling with making themselves heard and seen over Zoom. How do we cope with this new virtual world?


Being more visible can open up opportunities. It allows you to be taken more seriously, and create connections that will benefit you in your life and career. Moreover, organisations benefit by creating ambassadors who represent the company.


This workshop will help participants:


  • Conduct a reputation audit
  • Become more comfortable sharing and speaking up on Zoom
  • Understand what they can do to raise their profile without coming over as a show–off
  • Investigate their blocks to stepping into the spotlight
  • Find ways to raise their reputation that feel comfortable and authentic
  • Discover their own Visibility archetype and what that means
  • Create a reputation plan



Make Decision-Making Easier


Goal addressed: productivity, team working; leadership.


Decision-making is something that can put the strongest of us into a dither.


In today’s fast paced world, we have so many small decisions to make.  Do I want a cappuccino or flat white? Should I email or phone that difficult client? It’s no wonder we have little energy or thinking space left for the big, important decisions.


It’s also easy to fall into the trap of making our decisions in the same old ways. Perhaps there are far better ways to tackle it?



Business Psychologist Paula Gardner has created this workshop to:


  • Help you uncover your own decision-making style
  • Show you some powerful decision-making techniques that you can apply to career, business and personal life
  • Get out of the “washing machine” of should I, shouldn’t I?” thinking
  • Get you making decisions in different ways
  • Understand others’ decision-making styles for better relationships and team dynamics
  • Learn how you unconsciously makes decisions
  • Take the opportunity to practise your learning on any real-life decisions.



Don’t Panic: How to Get Through Redundancy and Out The Other Side


Goal addressed: supporting those going through redundancy


Ideal for anyone who is being made redundant, or is supporting people through redundancy. This one-hour session will help someone deal with the emotional shock of redundancy, step back and plan what comes next. It takes participants through:


  • What to expect – the emotional baggage that comes with redundancy
  • How to step back and objectively assess your needs, wants and next actions
  • The two main post-redundancy strategies – which one is for you?
  • How to deal with the impact of redundancy in other areas of your life


How to Use Your Communication Archetype to Build a Network


communication archetypeDid you know that we all have our favourite, comfortable communication styles, or communication archetypes? However, it doesn’t mean that they are the best ones to reach our clients, form connections, or build an audience. This workshop will help you discover your communication archetype and learn how to use it for best effect.


This 2 hour session with business psychologist Paula Gardner looks at the nine communicator archetypes. It will help participants identify their natural styles of connecting with people. It is therefore ideal for anyone who uses a network to reach out to potential clients, create a social buzz or convey a brand message.  Whether you network online or out there in the real world, this workshop will make connecting easier and more enjoyable.


We will:


  • Question if your comfort zone communicator archetype is the most effective for your purposes.
  • Assess which archetypes may be the most applicable for your goals
  • Look at practical ways people can put the strength of their archetypes to good use
  • Identify household names and the archetypes they use
  • Assess which archetype suit both your personal and business brand.


Your Facilitator


All workshops are delivered by Paula Gardner, ex PR turned business psychologist and coach. Paula is a regular public speaker. She has written for The Guardian, Psychologies and HR Zone, among others. Paula is the author of Get Noticed, Do Your Own PR and The Career Pause and Pivot. She is also the creator of the della Scala leadership programme, set in Verona, Italy.


For all bookings or questions regarding mental health workshops please book in a no obligation chat or contact Paula Gardner