Entrepreneur and Employer Wellbeing – who is looking after you?


employer wellbeingGroup online business owner and employer wellbeing sessions


Who’s looking after your wellbeing? Running a business requires a high level of focus, decision-making and energy. The decisions that you make can directly impact people’s lives and livelihoods and that responsibility can be heavy.


As an ex PR company owner, I know this first hand. It’s one of the reasons I created this monthly wellbeing check-in. This assesses your current mental wellbeing, with ideas for how to improve that as quickly and easily as possible.



What do we discuss on the call?


As a Human Givens psychotherapist and business psychologist, I assess what’s going on for you through a Human Givens lens. We look at getting your nine key emotional needs met. If one or more of these aren’t being met, in balance, then it’s possible your mental health will suffer. Many entrepreneurs and employers find their business answers many of their needs, but this creates an unbalanced life. The ideal is to get needs met through a number of sources that help you feel energised, supported, and in control.


90 minute entrepreneur and employer wellbeing sessions


I’ll take you through the nine needs, one by one. We’ll assess if and how each of these is being met in your life. If any are low, or there are gaps, you’ll hear ideas about how to tweak them. 


Why this works


Our sessions are a refreshing change from worrying about others. Usually, small tweaks can help get you back on form again.  Meeting monthly creates a powerful yet peaceful space to think about you, something that often doesn’t come easy to a business owner. 


What you need to know


Sessions take place via Zoom or WhatsApp video and last 75 minutes. Sessions are monthly and cost £65 per session. Join us for the next session, 10am UK time on 16th March,or 22nd March,  here.