Do Your Own PR

The Visibility Booster

You’ve honed in on your brand, crafted your offering, and you may already have some great clients and customers, but something’s not right.

Maybe you’re glumly watching all your competitors get coverage and wondering why you’re not getting noticed, or perhaps you know that you need to put the effort in to get some attention, but you’re not quite sure where to start…or what the most effective activities are in the time you have available.


In short, you need to be more visible.


I’ve been showing coaches, small businesses and entrepreneurs how to raise their visibility, fast, for over ten years now. I love working with strong, successful business women (and men) and would like to invite you to workwith me. Click here to find out about my Big Brand Builder, a ten month programme where I work side by side, to catapult your business into the public eye, or read to find out about a strategy day with me…

Our Day Together

Our Visibility Booster begins with a day together. This is your day to work with me, one to one, to take an overall look at your business and compose a plan that will get you noticed, and build a brand long term. What’s more, you can choose to do it in the lovely surroundings of one of my favourite hotels in London, or have me to come to you.*

Let’s leave all that admin and worry behind and create an action plan that you’re actually going to be excited about.


This is your plan, your blueprint to visibility, and it is created wholly around you: what you want to achieve, your skills, your time and, most importantly, what you enjoy doing.


I will work with you to analyse your attractiveness to the press, and suggest possible angles that will get you press coverage. We’ll look at exactly what publications and media channels are going to work best for you.


We’ll talk frankly about messages and stories that will get your business the most attention, and contacts that will be helpful…and what’s more, I’ll be happy to share my own with you.


During this Visibility Booster we’ll work through:

Your message. What is there about you, your story or your business that is going to get everyone sitting up and taking notice?

Address any concerns you might have about self confidence and going public!

Who you need to know: who are they key people you need to make contact with or get to know...right now. And we’ll talk frankly about how to do it. You'll get access to my own personal books of contacts that I think are just right for you.

Putting together a PR, marketing and social system that means it gets done, week after week, month after month, doing what you enjoy doing, not what everyone else says you should be doing

All your creative ideas and put together a plan to make them a tangible reality

Any other practical areas you may need help in

Book Your Day

This intensive is a relaxed but thorough bespoke experience and includes a half day together in a hotel, lunch, teas and coffees, plus you also receive all my PR courses which give you access to all the nuts and bolts of PR, as well as a 12 month visibility strategy written specifically for your business, a hand crafted press release and 3 months of follow-up phone, email or Skype support.


Contact me to arrange a no strings one to one discovery Skype or telephone session to discuss if the Visibility Booster is right for you. Or, click here to find out about my ten month programme, The Big Brand Builder.

*Includes UK mainland.  It may be possible to arrange for me to come to you at other locations, with appropriate travel expenses taken into account.