Authentic Career Coaching For A More Meaningful Career


There comes a time in your life when you want to work to feel authentic. When you would prefer to do something with purpose or meaning. Perhaps you want to retrain, or scale back your work so that you can enjoy life more. This is where my Be Authentic career coaching comes in.  It’s about finding a job or career that does more than just pay the bills.


Many of my mid-life clients are drawn to working in different way. They may want to work with young people, or perhaps start that business they have been dreaming about for years. Some of the have been feeling stressed or even burnt-out for a long time and just don’t want to live like this.


The Be Authentic career coaching programme is ideal if you are at this point. It doesn’t matter if you have been made redundant and need a job, or you are in work and just pondering, If you’re not sure what to do next, you’ve come to the right place. Our work together will be to explore options and then create a plan to make it happen.


We will also deal with those worries that may be holding you back. You may not be sure how your own skills and experience can transfer. You may be worried about the reaction from friends and family members, especially if you have financial responsibilities. Or, you may be one of many who feel like they’ve lost their confidence mid-life. Not to worry. we can address all this as we work through.


Let’s look at what we’ll cover in this career coaching programme:


career coaching step 1Session 1: If the shoe fits…


We’ll begin with  an online psychometric test you can do in the comfort of your own home. This will give us some idea of your strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, the environments that will suit your personality and skills. After all, there are so many different possibilities out there. We need to narrow down what’s going to work for you in reality, not just your dreams. This gives us something tangible to start working on. This is vital if you want your career coaching to really focus on you and your deepest needs.


deep dive glassSession 2: Deep Diving


Here we’ll look at what’s provoking this decision. It sounds a little off tangent, but gaining an insight into your family background, past experiences and your dreams of the future help us hone in on realistic choices that will tick your other values, not just the desire to do good works. We also tackle any issues that may be holding you back.



pathwaysSession 3: Finding Possible Paths


The likelihood is that there will be more than one pathway for you to follow. Using role models and Possible Self theory we will lay out your potential futures helps you create choice, and remain open to opportunities and possibilities you may not have otherwise recognised



planningSession 4: Getting strategic


Let’s get clear on what you need to do to get you in the best position. This could be anything from rewriting your CV to getting some work experience to building a new tactical network




heating upSession 5: Heating things up


Following on from last session. Let’s create those bonds and connections and focus on the people you need to know





skype manSession 6: Smile, You’re on Camera


A practical session where you’ll be interviewed by Skype or Zoom (very popular nowadays) to polish you up brilliantly





gold starSession 7: Gold star


Your next steps in building your fabulous career




Altruistic Career Coaching Sessions can be face to face (in London), or by telephone or Zoom. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes. 7 Steps to a More Meaningful Career is £900. This package also includes a CV assessment.


One Off session

One-off sessions are £150.