How to Attract Female Applicants


attract female applicantsAre you finding it hard to attract female applicants for your job roles or apprenticeships? Would you like to receive more high quality applications in general? A recent study by PwC found that:


  • Just 23% of those working within the Stem sector are female
  • Only 5% of leaders are female


Evidence points to diverse workplaces with an equal gender split as being more productive, more creative and more competitive in the marketplace.  And yet, a current recurring theme among delegates and speakers at the tech conferences in particular is a lack of female applicants. Organisations and many industries from all over the globe are facing the same issue. How do we attract high calibre women?


My Athena Recruitment Review has been created to answer this problem.


Why you need to think differently to attract female applicants


One business owner at a conference put it, “Women have great people and communication skills and that what I need on my team”. But women look at and assess future job roles differently to men, and you need to take account of this when creating your recruitment material and process.


How I can help you


The Scarlet Thinking Athena Recruitment Review is a 360 degree look at your hiring process, your brand image and how it looks to female applicants. The consultation has been designed to help you not only attract more female applicants – but attract better quality applicants all round.


I will look at everything from the language you are using, to the qualities of the jobs themselves, to what happens at the interview on the day. You will get a report covering what you’re doing right. You’ll find out where you could be going wrong. Finally, I’ll provide you with practical ways that you can put this right.  Additionally, these are good practices to consider when taking on any new members of staff.


The Athena Recruitment Review includes:


  • Consultation with Business Psychologist and coach, Paula Gardner. A past owner of her own PR company, Paula also appreciates and understands the angle of a business owner as well as a psychologist
  • Review of recruitment materials – are you advertising your vacancies with the right language?get more women applicants
  • Overview of your brand presence – do you look like the sort of company where women would want to work?
  • Job design – what can you do to make the job more appealing to women applicants?
  • Workplace design – what can you do to make your workplace more female friendly? This isn’t about dotting pot-plants or changing the colour scheme. Women are drawn to working with businesses that have a sense of community so how can you workplace promote this?
  • Review of your recruitment process – don’t lose them when they walk in the door. They’ve got this far so how do you keep them?


Some of the things we will cover reach further than recruitment. Brand reputation, creating communities and learning how to use social media for effective recruitment is also addressed, with practical how-to suggestions that take account of your company budget, size and resources.


The Athena Recruitment Review is a three step process:


  • Review of all materials
  • In person meeting at the workplace to take me personally through the interview process
  • Your report with step by step practical suggestions, plus one to one call to talk it through


Price £1450 plus travel expenses. To book your consultation, please book your chat with me here.