Della Scala Leadership Training

Four Day Leadership Training For Female Leaders


This leadership experience looks at the very best in modern approaches to leadership to help navigate today’s demands of a growing workforce of millennials and centennials who demand accountability and ethical leadership, as well as the pressure of our ever-changing digital landscape where brand reputations can be seriously maimed with one click of a mouse. The four-day programme is perfect if you are a time of facing growth and transformation or planning for the up and coming generation and the implications of recruitment and retention of these very values-driven individuals.


This four day leadership training event is held in Verona, Italy, against the backdrop of the della Scala, or Scaliger, family. The della Scalas ruled Verona during the late 13th and 14th centuries and have a history every bit as infamous as the Borgias. They are known for conquering and then losing the areas of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua, for creating a feud with Venice, denying the Pope, and harbouring the exiled Dante Alighieri. The family history also has more than one instance of a brother murdering brother. Tales of poisonings, back-stabbing and corruption have been handed down through the generations.


Beatrice della Scala


Yet, one character shines through the darkness. Beatrice, a della Scala by birth, was married off at the age of 19 to Bernabò Visconti, to create an alliance between Milan and Verona. Beatrice was noted for her ability to calm the raging, despotic Bernabò  and often acted as a political intermediary between other heads of states and her husband. Eventually, Beatrice ruled her own province of Reggio. She used her own money to help the poor and redevelop areas devastated by the feuding family.


Beatrice’s legacy is not only that her luminous character shines through the darkness of this family dynasty, but her name was also given to the Santa Maria alla Scala church in Milan, and so the world-famous La Scala opera house, which was built on the site.


We use the machinations of this family, and the example of Beatrice’s contrasting leadership, as a backdrop for our own investigations into your own style of leadership, and how Scarlet Thinking can enhance that.


This leadership training is perfect for:


  • Leaders facing change or uncertain times
  • Ethical leaders who want to make their mark and create a legacy
  • Those new to leadership who want to develop their own style and approach
  • Everybody wishing to build a community
  • Anyone wishing to find out more about the latest leadership styles arising from academic research







Day One

Arrive by mid-afternoon when we will commence by looking at your own background and how it may have shaped you as a leader. We will delve into the significant events in your own life that may be either working for or against you and your leadership.


Day Two


We explore your vision for both your organisation and yourself. Where do they overlap? We will be looking at some of the hallmarks of Scarlet Thinkers: creativity, innovation and disruption. What sort of legacy do you want to leave for your organisation and how will you do that?


Day Three


How do we make your leadership plan happen? The Host leader knows that it is their relationships with other people – be they colleagues, your boss, the board, social connections or online followers –  that are vital. Today’s work looks at who you need to know to make things happen. How will you communicate your message and inspire or reassure others? How can you build a community that is behind you, and how do you give back to that community?


Day Four

How will you make this happen? We will co-create a working personal leadership plan. This also creates a blueprint for our follow-up coaching. The result is a practical and realistic plan that you can start to implement, but with some quick wins to keep you inspired and motivated.


Follow Up


We will have three follow up coaching sessions.




By the end of this four day event you will have:


  • A deeper understanding of your own approach to leadership
  • A knowledge of  what behaviour or patterns are serving you and what may be less than helpful
  • Understanding of some new approaches to leadership that you can weave into your work to enhance and improve it
  • Clarity around your own key messages and how to deliver them
  • Been switched onto how you can improve your connections and build community
  • A documented plan that you can go away and set in motion.




We will be staying at either a beautiful, airy palazzo about a seven minute walk from the main square, or an elegant Renaissance style hotel a stone’s throw away from the della Scalla’s home. The location is dependent on availability on chosen dates.


There will be time to explore and be inspired by the beautiful city and enjoy some of the best food and wine Italy has to offer. We will visit some of the haunts of the della Scala’s, and see their legacy of stunning palaces and strategic bridges, bringing medieval Verona to life.


The Della Scala training can be taken as a one to one or small group experience. Contact me to discuss.


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