Your Guide, Paula Gardner


Your guide, Paula Gardner, therapist for business ownersLike you, I’ve experienced the sheer exhilaration of having passion for a business I’ve built up from the ground. That business was my own PR and marketing company which I ran from 2002 until 2016. The drive and, at times, obsession, I had for that business was key to its success. I had hundreds of business owners going through my PR mentoring programme, and two books published, Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR. I also spoke at conferences around the world – it was lots of fun.


However, I also experienced the flipside of passion. I couldn’t stop working or worrying. Eventually, I found myself firmly on the path to burnout. I lost my creativity and my energy, and yet couldn’t slow down or relax. In the end, I decided to step away from the business and move into psychology. After a Masters in business psychology, coaching, and qualifying as a psychotherapist I now work with other business owners who can’t stop.


My process to help you get off the treadmill


Each of us has their own story, and that’s mine. Yours is no doubt different, and feeling like this doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything you’ve created.  I have used my own experiences together with evidence based psychological and therapeutic tools and learning to create the Scarlet Thinking model. This takes you through:

S – Setting boundaries with others and yourself

C- Calm yourself through tools and techniques that have been proven to work

A – Action the things that are going to make the most difference in the least amount of time

R- Relationships that are impacting what’s going on for you

L – long term influences from the past, and your own legacy: where you do want to go next

E- Environment and how you can change it to support not drain you

T- The plan – A strategy for moving forwards


Finding yourself again


Most business owners fall back in love with their business after working with me. Others find their business and life considerably changed by the tweaks they make. This tends to result in better relationships with those around them, a more balanced work and home life, and often a more successful business. My clients feel calmer, more in balanced, more energised and more able to make decisions. Occasionally someone decides, just like me, to follow a different path. If that’s your decision, then you’ll get all the support you need to do this too.


Working with me


I’m warm but practical. We will laugh, share stories and enjoy our sessions, but the work is the work. I’ll share tools and techniques for you to employ between sessions. We’ll set practical goals. These will help you feel better as soon as possible, but you’ll still need to do them to feel the difference!


The best way to see if we are a good fit is to have a chat. Contact me and we’ll set up a chat.